10 Lines on Internet Explorer

Certainly, we all know that the Internet is an ocean of information and one can collect all that just for free but like we would need a boat to have a voyage similarly a web browser is a boat to visit the Internet and explore the things. Internet Explorer is a web browser and almost the earliest one of the currently running all the web browsers. It comes pre-installed in all the Windows system and the best thing about it is that, unlike other browsers, it provides the services free for a life-time. There are many interesting things to know about the Internet Explorer that we are going to learn through a few sets below.

Ten Lines on Internet Explorer

Set 1

1) Internet Explorer is a web browsing software developed by Microsoft Corporation.

2) It is used to explore the internet from the computer and gather all useful information.

3) Internet Explorer was launched by Microsoft on 16th August 1995.

4) The first Internet Explorer was launched for Windows 95 and plus.

5) Internet Explorer comes bundled into Microsoft Windows Operating System.

6) During 2000, Internet Explorer was the top-ranked browser leaving the dominant browser ‘Netscape’ behind.

7) Internet Explorer is subjected to security flaws and exposes systems for spyware, malware, and viruses.

8) The German government, in 2010, requested its people to shift to another browser from Internet Explorer due to its security flaws.

9) During 2002-2003, Internet Explorer covered about 95% of the market share.

10) The version 11 of Internet Explorer was released in 2013 and was much appreciated by people.

Another set of 10 lines on Internet Explorer is being provided below with some additional information on the topic. The set is very important as the first set and holds some significant information about Internet Explorer. The set will help the reader much if he/she is creating some amazing essay, speech or any other project on the topic. Have a look at the set now.

Set 2

1) Internet Explorer is also known as ‘Microsoft Internet Explorer’, ‘IE’ or ‘MSIE’.

2) Internet Explorer is available for all versions of Windows except Windows 10.

3) The latest version ‘Internet Explorer 11’ for Windows 8 was launched on 17th October 2013.

4) Internet Explorer lacks proper security services and hence is not preferred by the user.

5) During 2010, several governments like German, French, and Australian issued a warning to stop using Internet Explorer.

6) It frequently complained that the previous versions of Internet Explorer were very slow in loading the web pages.

7) Internet Explorer comes with a much easier interface than the competing browsers in the market.

8) Its interface has not been changed for a long time and is still using the old pattern.

9) The latest version of Internet Explorer has good security features and seriously protects from the threat.

10) Currently, Internet Explorer shares about 5% market in terms of uses in the whole world.

We hope that the above sets must have made you completely acquainted with the important information related to Internet Explorer. It is the first used web browser for almost every person to my knowledge. It has gone through many phases during its life and has tasted both, extreme success as well as the ultimate failure. Now the release of the latest versions is bringing fortune for Internet Explorer and we hope for it to shine like before in the upcoming years.

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