10 Lines on Baidu Tieba

You must have heard the word ‘Baidu’ many times before. Yes, you got it right; it is a popular browser and search engine which is hosted by a popular Chinese company ‘Baidu’. ‘Baidu Tieba’ is another product of Baidu. It is a famous online community forum and social networking platform mostly used in China. It is the most preferred platform by Chinese people. Visiting the platform ‘Baidu Tieba’ is a kind of fun and so is the reading some facts about it that we have provided below. Have a look at them.

Ten Lines on Baidu Tieba

Set 1

1) Baidu Tieba is China’s largest online communication platform.

2) Baidu Tieba was instituted on 3rd December 2003 by ‘Baidu’, a Chinese technology company.

3) On Baidu Tieba, users can post content on various topics like music, movie, science, news, celebrities, etc.

4) Every separate topic on Baidu Tieba is called ‘Bar’.

5) Users can also create an attractive poll on the Baidu Tieba.

6) A post can’t be further edited when it has been uploaded to the community.

7) Baidu Tieba has assigned 3 masters, 10 video masters and 30 vice-masters for each bar.

8) These masters scrutinize the uploaded content of the users.

9) Baidu Tieba attained the milestone of one billion users in mid-2015.

10) Baidu Tieba is a good platform to interact with people with the same interests.

Hoping the first set would have proved to be helpful for you, we are providing the 2nd set of 10 lines on Baidu Tieba below. Our purpose behind creating another set on the same topic is to provide you the whole information on the topic so that you can win any argument about Baidu Tieba. Instead of wasting much time, let’s proceed towards the 2nd set now.

Set 2

1) The word ‘Baidu Tieba’ is a Chinese word which means ‘Baidu’s Forum’.

2) Baidu Tieba is a community platform created by popular search engine company ‘Baidu’.

3) It has successfully maintained its position in the top 5 Chinese Social Media sites.

4) The number of registered users on Baidu Tieba has increased by more than 1 billion.

5) Baidu Tieba has more than 300 million active users.

6) The headquarters of Baidu Tieba or Baidu is located in Beijing, the capital of China.

7) Baidu Tieba was created by Robin Li Yanhong, a Chinese computer scientist and internet entrepreneur.

8) Baidu Tieba has integrated the Baidu search bar which users can use to search forums.

9) Users can post any content on a bar only after registering on the platform.

10) Users can also create any Bar of their choice if not created on the platform before.

Now we hope that you must have got enough information on Baidu Tieba like what it is, how it works, what facilities are provided on it etc. We tried our best to use only simple language so that you must not bother anywhere while reading the set. Your satisfaction after reading the sets completely with each and every fact is the actual outcome of our hard work that we have made in preparing the sets above.

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