10 Lines on Mozilla

Mozilla is a popular Software Company mostly known for its product Mozilla Firefox web browser. Definitely we all are aware of the greatest browser of time that comes with plenty of features and is easy and comfortable to use without risk because it has a good level of security and is declared riskless by many security experts. Besides the Firefox browser, there are many other products of Mozilla like Mozilla Calendar, Firefox Monitor, SpiderMonkey, Treeherder, and Netscape Portable Runtime, etc. You can read about Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox in detail through the sets below.

Ten Lines on Mozilla

Set 1

1) Mozilla is an Open Source Software Industry founded on 31st March 1998.

2) Mozilla product ‘Firefox’ browser is one of the most celebrate browsers in the world.

3) The Firefox browser was initially released with the code name ‘Phoenix’ on 23rd September 2002.

4) The company later changed the name to ‘Mozilla Firefox’ on 9th February 2004.

5) The first version of the Firefox browser was ‘Firefox 1.0’ released on 9th November 2004.

6) Mozilla introduced a project ‘Quantum’ in 2016 to enhance the performance of the Firefox browser.

7) ‘Firefox 57’ was the first Firefox browser released with all Quantum improvements.

8) Firefox comes with all basic features of a web browser that can be increased by adding add-ons.

9) Firefox is available in 79 languages and is used in 89 countries around the world.

10) Recently in October 2019, Firefox has passed all basic security features tested by the experts.

Here is another set of 10 lines on Mozilla provided below. Although the first set is good, it is not enough to provide all the information on the topic. We have created the second set to provide you some other information on the topic to make you completely aware of Mozilla and its product etc. The set is worth reading and we are sure that it would make you learn some new things that you never knew before. So here is the 2nd set.

Set 2

1) The headquarters of Mozilla is located in San Francisco in the United States.

2) Firefox is a free web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation.

3) Firefox browser was created by two Netscape employees Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross.

4) Firefox gained 100 million downloads in just one year after its launch which set a benchmark for other browsers.

5) The add-ons feature of Firefox enables the user to add other services in Firefox based on personal interest.

6) Firefox has the features of ‘safe browsing’ and ‘private browsing’ which are helpful to stay away from cyber crime.

7) Installing multiple add-ons in Firefox may slow down the speed of the browser.

8) ‘Firefox 3’ was downloaded more than 8 million times right on its release date and made a Guinness World Record.

9) Firefox is available for about all platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, Firefox OS and recently iOS.

10) Mozilla Firefox currently shares about 10% browser market as in November 2019.

Indeed Mozilla is a very popular and successful brand that has tried its hand in the field of client applications, components, development tools, Libraries/API, technology and others. Mozilla is one of the most loved and trusted brands for its users. Mozilla once represented a sense of humbleness for its rivals by sending a cake to Microsoft on the success of its latest launched version of Internet Explorer. Firefox is not less than one of the best browsers.

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