10 Lines on Opera

Browsers are the essential tool to surf over the internet for any purpose. There is a number of browsers available in the market but only a few of them compete and make their special position in the whole world in which one important browser is ‘Opera’ browser. Although the Opera browser is not as much popular as Google Chrome nowadays it was once a very popular browser and introduced many unique features that no other browser had. There are many facts to know about the Opera browser that we are going to discuss through the sets below.

Ten Lines on Opera

Set 1

1) Opera is a popular software company with headquarter located at Oslo in Norway.

2) Opera is currently working on three browsers Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, and Opera Touch.

3) Opera released its first version 2.10 in 1996 for Microsoft Windows 95.

4) Opera was founded by two programmers Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivarsøy.

5) Opera runs on Blink and V8 browser engines and is programmed in the C++ language.

6) Some basic and unique features of Opera are pop-up blocking, speed dial, re-opening of tabs, private and tabbed browsing.

7) The latest version of Opera ‘Opera 64’ was released on 8th October 2019.

8) Opera introduced a ‘Turbo mode’ option which increases the speed of loading the web pages by 50%.

9) Opera implemented a VPN service in 2016 which automatically blocks the malicious web pages.

10) ‘Opera GX’ is the latest product (browser) from Opera which is specially designed for Gamers on Windows.

Here is another set of 10 lines on Opera created by us. The second set is meant to provide more information on the topic. Our goal behind creating this set was to provide the reader with some other information on the topic to make him completely aware of Opera. The set is worth reading and we are sure that it would make you learn some new things that you never knew before. So here is the 2nd set.

Set 2

1) Opera Company was started in 1995 before which it was just a research project at Telenor, a telecommunication company.

2) Opera has a built-in program to download files through Bit torrent.

3) Opera works on multiple platforms including Windows 7 and later, MacOS, Linux Android and iOS.

4) Opera is currently the world’s fifth most popular browser.

5) In Belarus, an eastern European country, Opera is the most used browser and shares the largest in the internet web browser market.

6) Opera has a feature of warning the user about insecure pages before opening that.

7) Some unique features of Opera are Adblocker, Battery saver, Crypto Wallet, Exportable bookmarks, Mouse gestures, etc.

8) Opera shares less than 1% worldwide in the internet browsers market.

9) The powerful ad-blocking tools make Opera a unique browser and keep the user away from irritating ads.

10) Opera has won many awards in the field of Opera product for personal computers.

There is no doubt that the Opera Browser has lost its popularity but it has not completely faded away like many other small browsers. Opera has still maintained its position in the world’s top 10 browsers. Opera is still working on improving its existing services together introducing some new features too so we can hope to see a new phase of the Opera browser soon.

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