10 Lines on Reddit

The Internet has covered the whole world today and the two of its most popular uses are firstly being active in social media platforms and secondly gathering as much useful information on any topic as possible. There are many websites for both the services separately and you must be well acquainted with all of them as you must be an internet geek but here we are going to talk about such a platform which is very popular and praised by users for providing both the services at the same time and on the same platform and that is ‘Reddit’. Yes, you must have heard about it but it is time to have some information about Reddit.

Ten Lines on Reddit

Set 1

1) Reddit is a website for social news, content rating and discussion forum.

2) It is an American Company founded on 23rd June 2005.

3) The headquarters of Reddit is located in San Francisco, California in the United States.

4) The user can upload a post on Reddit under many provided categories called ‘Subreddits’.

5) A few popular subreddits are Music, Science, News, Game, Book, Fitness, Food, and Image, etc.

6) The user can choose to upvote/like or downvote/dislike any post according to own choice.

7) The most liked or upvoted posts are shown on the home page of the other users.

8) Reddit often shows multiple ads which user can stop by becoming a prime member.

9) Reddit released its application of android and iOS platforms in April 2016.

10) Reddit is banned in China and North Korea and is censored in Indonesia.

We are sure that the first set must have provided you enough information with fun. In order to make your knowledge on the topic much broader, we are providing you the 2nd set of 10 lines on Reddit. This set also contains some basic information about the topic. The set will provide you an idea if you are going to prepare a project on the topic so we advise you to read each point of the below set thoroughly. Here we go.

Set 2

1) Reddit was founded by two friends Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian.

2) Reddit works under the American Media Company ‘Advance Publication’.

3) The word ‘Reddit’ has come from the fast reading of the phrase ‘Read It’.

4) The users of Reddit are usually called ‘Redditers’.

5) Reddit also provides a chat facility through software that started from the year 2017.

6) The user can send Gold, Silver or Platinum coins as an award available on Reddit website to another with good content.

7) The user can comment on any post and the also can reply to any previous comment.

8) Every upvote on any post or comment is quoted as ‘Karma’ on the user’s profile.

9) Reddit is ranked among the top 10 most popular websites in the world.

10) Reddit founder Steve Huffman accepted in an interview that the company had created many fake accounts in initial days to false show its popularity.

So it is clear that you must have got basic and enough information about ‘Reddit’. In the current fast-moving world, Reddit is a perfect platform to stay connected with people, share one’s own thought with others and get the suggestion from the professionals on the topic. The huge range of subeditors on the website is a good tool to gain information on our selected topics. So Reddit is a good combination of an informative and social networking website.

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