10 Lines on Summer Season

Summer season is one of the four seasons on earth. Other seasons include winter, autumn and spring. Summer season in India starts from the end of Holi in March and continues up to the month of June/July.

This is the season where people face scorching heat at some places. High temperature during summer season makes the heat intolerable for every one especially in the northern part of India.

During summer season people enjoy eating various kinds of fruits like mango, water melon, grapes, cucumber etc to get relief from scorching heat.

Children enjoy this season the most as they get summer vacation and long break from studies.

Ten Lines on Summer Season in English

We have provided ten lines on summer season in English. After reading these lines you will know that how many seasons earth have, which season is hottest, for whom summer season is good, what happens to days and nights in summer, summer season affects which parts of earth, how many months summer occurs in northern and southern parts of the world etc.

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10 Lines on Summer Season – Set 1

1) Earth has four seasons viz, summer, winter, autumn and spring.

2) Summer season is the hottest season of the year.

3) Though it is hottest yet interesting and entertaining season for children.

4) During summer season, days are longer and nights are shorter.

5) Summer season mostly occurs in northern and southern parts of the earth.

6) In northern part of earth, summer season ranges from April to September months.

7) In southern part of earth, summer season occurs from December to March months.

8) In summer season, summer vacation is declared in the school for nearly 2 months.

9) Children go on holidays with their families to their native or tourist places.

10) Though summer season has high temperature but it is also important for agriculture and for rainfall.

We have provided another set of ten lines on summer season. After going through these lines you will know that which season is hottest, when summer season starts in India, how heat occurs, how summer season can be described, how people enjoy summer, why schools are closed in summer, what children do in summer etc.

10 Lines on Summer Season – Set 2

1) Summer is the hottest and the longest season of the year where days are longer and nights are shorter.

2) In India, summer season generally starts after Holi and it extends up to the month of June/July.

3) As the length of the day increases, the temperature during the summer season reaches to its peak point.

4) When summer season occurs in northern hemisphere then winter starts in the southern hemisphere of earth.

5) In summer season, weather becomes quite dry with scorching heat which impacts the normal routine of people.

6) During summer season, wells, ponds and other water sources dry up and water crisis is faced in many places.

7) In spite of the heat, people enjoy summer season by eating mangoes, cucumbers, papayas, water melons etc to fight high temperatures.

8) Children enjoy the summer vacation with their friends and family and visit many places.

9) Most of the children visit their maternal uncle’s place and enjoy with their cousins.

10) Nowadays children join summer camps, trekking schools, music classes etc to spend their summer vacation in a creative way.

10 Lines on Summer Season

Please find below the 3rd set of 10 Lines on summer Season. These few lines have been aptly written in order to make them memorable and easily understandable. The summer season has already arrived and these 10 points will prove useful to you in school events during or before the summer vacations. If not in school function you can use the information in any debate or talk.

10 Lines on Summer Season – Set 3

1) Summer is the hottest season of the year.

2) The season falls after the spring and before the autumn.

3) Summer season ranges from June to September in Indian subcontinent.

4) During the summer, days are longer and nights shorter.

5) During the summer, the weather is very hot, humid and warm.

6) Because of the high soaring temperatures low pressure areas are formed giving rise to storms.

7) When there is summer in northern hemisphere, there is winter in southern hemisphere.

8) It is the time when the schools are closed for the summer vacations.

9) Families scurry to cooler places to spend their summer. 10) It is also the time for summer school for many students.

Below we have provided yet another set of 10 lines on summer season for your information. This fourth set will be helpful to you in school events, prepare for speeches and debate competitions.  You can also use these 10 points in your class to tell your classmates to be ready for summer and summer vacation.

10 Lines on Summer Season – Set 4

1) Summer is the hottest but also the most loved season.

2) For children it is the season of vacation, picnic and fun.

3) People wear lighter and cooler clothes in the season due to heat.

4) During summer the nature is at its full bloom and fruits and flowers abound.

5) Some dry regions also face droughts due to acute water shortage during the summer season.

6) People keep bird baths and water pitchers in the gardens to help thirsty birds.

7) Animals roam for food; eat as much as they can, put on weight to be prepared for the winter.

8) During the summer families could be seen hurrying to beaches, forest and other cooler regions.

9) During summer, the nature gifts us with fruits rich in water like watermelon, mango, muskmelon etc. 10) In many tropical regions, summer is the season when high precipitation occurs.

During summer season, the temperature increases so much that it becomes intolerable for everyone. In rural areas, the water sources such as ponds, wells etc mostly dry up and might also lead to water scarcity.

People, especially children fall ill more often in summer season due to scorching heat. Summer also brings various mouth watering fruits like mangoes, water melons, cucumbers, papayas, coconuts etc which helps to fight the scorching heat and relaxes our body.