10 Lines on Status of Women in India

In ancient times, women were highly respected and honoured in the society, they were treated at par with men. People considered women as helping hands of man who equally contributed in running the house as well as their family. When the medieval period came their condition started deteriorating with furthermore deterioration in the British regime where giving birth to a girl child was taken as a sin and from there female foeticide, child marriage and other issues started.

During freedom struggle in India women actively participated in this process considering independence of India as women’s independence. But the patriarchal society did not brought the much needed change as it was expected. However in the modern times, there has been a significant change in women’s status in India.

Ten Lines on Status of Women in India in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on status of women in India in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. These lines can be used while writing essay on women status in India, status of women in ancient India essay, speech on women status in India, article on status of women etc.

10 Lines on Status of Women in India

1) In Vedic times, women were given lots of respect and were treated as equal to men in India.

2) Women were given equal opportunities like men to grow socially and economically.

3) Women were given the privilege of choosing their own path of life.

4) Education was compulsory for every woman at that time in India.

5) During middle ages, the condition and situation of women deteriorated.

6) At that time the position of women became inferior as compared to men.

7) Women were almost bound inside four walls of their home without any rights.

8) But again, in independent India women are equally enjoying their rights with men.

9) Women now, are no longer living on the mercy of man’s whims and wishes.

10) Women today are raising their voice and shaping their destiny by their own efforts.

10 Lines and Sentences on Status of Women in India

1) The condition of women in Indian society during the middle ages was very deteriorating and inferior.

2) The equality and privileges of women were though described in religious texts but in reality, the condition was worst.

3) Women were not allowed to participate in internal, social and external affairs as men felt that women were meant to do household chores.

4) Women were forced to live under the influence of parents before marriage and under husband, post marriage.

5) The condition of women started changing in the society at the time of India’s struggle for independence.

6) There were huge contributions of great women leaders like Aruna Asaf Ali, Vijay Lakshmi Pandit etc for the upliftment of Indian women.

7) When Mrs. Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India then the condition of women started improving drastically.

8) Today women are participating actively in democratic and electoral process to change the future of nation.

9) Women’s contribution in each and every sector is increasing day by day and they are becoming the helping hands of men.

10) Today’s women have become capable to run their home and office without any much hassle.

5 Lines on Status of Women in India

1) In India, women are free to make decisions.

2) Women are treated equally to men.

3) They are given reservations.

4) Women are now self-dependent.

5) They are given equal opportunities.

20 Lines on Status of Women in India

1) The condition of women in India has been variable from ancient times to modern times.

2) In the Vedic era, the position of women was similar to men in relation to their confidence, education, property etc.

3) In the Medieval period the condition of women became pathetic because of the Muslim Rule prevailed in India.

4) The Muslim Rulers were aggressive to women that imposed a lot of bans and barriers on this community.

5) Child marriage and Sati Pratha were prevailing on that time that had made the position of women behind the curtain and they had no rights.  

6) In the modern era, social reformers paid attention to the pathetic condition of women and made efforts to improve their condition.

7) The famous poet Maithilisharan Gupta wrote poignant lines to draw the attention of the society towards the plight of women.

8) Swami Dayanand Saraswati emphasised on women education and raised voice against child marriage.

9) Raja Ram Mohan Roy struggled to stop the practice of Sati Pratha.

10) Before that women were merely the puppets in the hand of men and followed the law of the family and the society without any protest.

11) However, the condition of women in modern India has been changed a lot.

12) Women have become similar to men and contributing in every aspect of life.

13) Government and society have now transforming their attitude toward women and there are many liberties have been given to this section of society.

14) Child marriage was legally abolished by the Prevention of Child marriage Act in 1929.

15) Dowry has been declared a crime by the Anti- Dowry Act of 1971, but this practice is prevailing in our country still.

16) After the Independence, the Indian constitution has provided equal rights for women to men.

17) The Indian Government has been emphasized on women education and there is a system of free education and scholarship for women.

18) The special marriage act of 1959 gave women the right to marry to any religion and polygamy is considered illegal.

19) But the biggest question is about the safety of her self-respect, even today women are insecure everywhere.

20) Although women have achieved a lot nowadays but still there is no awareness among women all across the country.

We know that during the ancient times, the position of women was excellent but during the medieval era, condition of women deteriorated and more deterioration occurred during the British rule.

Freedom struggle of India gave women a chance to flourish themselves and from that time women didn’t turn back and moved forward. Now they are being treated equally in the society and are supporting men in a better manner.

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