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10 Lines on Independence Day

In the struggle to free Mother India from the clutches of British Empire many of her brave sons have lost their lives and have made extreme sacrifices for country’s freedom. Countless freedom fighters died, injured, jailed, and hanged before India gained Independence on 15th August 1947.

Ten Lines on Independence Day of India in English

The pain that freedom fighters have gone through encourages us to respect them more and live in communal harmony working towards the Nation’s development as they must have dreamt.

Following are the 10 important lines on Independence Day which will make you understand the importance of this day. You can use these lines to deliver an inspirational speech on the occasion of Independence Day or write an essay on it which is one of the most common topics in essay competition. So please go through the below points and incorporate them in your writing:

10 Lines on Independence Day of India - 1

1) It is celebrated on 15th August of every Year.

2) It is observed as a National Holiday.

3) It Commemorates the Nation’s struggle for freedom.

4) It reminds us of the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters.

5) Celebrated with much enthusiasm across all the states and union territories.

6) The Prime Minister of India unfurls the flag from ramparts of Lal Quila followed by National Anthem.

7) President addresses to the nation on the eve of Independence Day.

8) In states Chief Ministers unfurls the flag followed by parades and cultural processions.

9) Patriotic songs and movies are transmitted on Independence Day across all TV channels.

10) It is one of the greatest festivals of democracy.


We have also given below an additional set of the 10 lines which will help you to enhance your writing by including these lines in your essays, speeches or short paragraphs. This will not only make your writing presentable but also make it unique and interesting. So enhance your writing by going through the below lines:


10 Lines on Independence Day of India - 2

1) The Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August to commemorate the independence of India from the British rule.

2) Independence Day exhibits the power of nationalism and unity.

3) It reminds the dawn of new India, free from the British rule.

4) It reminds us the pain and the struggle of our great leaders in achieving freedom.

5) This is the day when we pay homage and honour the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country.

6) It also helps to showcase the country’s social, political and economical developments to the world.

7) The Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag and addresses the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

8) National holiday is observed throughout India accompanied with the flag hoisting.

9) Various cultural programmes are conducted throughout the country and people pay their tribute to the heroes of the freedom struggle.

10) Independence Day is celebrated by every citizen of India irrespective of caste and religion under the hood of our National Flag.

Independence Day instills patriotism and nationalism in the heart of the younger generations. This is the day which reminds us the sacrifices made by our great leaders and freedom fighters to get the freedom from the British rule and teaches us to value the importance of independence. Independence Day keeps the memories of our struggle for freedom alive in our mind and lets us value our culture, communal harmony and hard attained freedom more by each passing year.