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10 Lines on Importance of Independence Day

A Nation’s history reminds its citizens of their cultural and spiritual heritages. In the same way we are reminded of the struggle and sacrifices of our freedom fighters when the Nation celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August each year. The day holds much importance and value for the people of India.

Ten Lines on Importance of Independence Day of India in English

Below we have given 10 lines on the importance of Independence Day. You can us these lines to enhance your creativity in your writing. Incorporating these lines will help you to make your essays, paragraphs and speeches more attractive and inspiring. You can use these lines on Independence Day celebrations in various ways. So go through the below lines and earn appreciations:

10 Lines on Importance of Independence Day - 1

1) Independence Day commemorates the sacrifices made by freedom fighters and political visionaries.

2) It makes people reminded of their roots.

3) People get reminded of the benefits of self-governance and Parliamentary Sovereignty and to value the freedom more.

4) People are reminded of the Nation’s rich cultural and religious diversity.

5) Independence Day reminds us of our Parliamentary Sovereignty.

6) It Unites people from different cultures and religions to celebrate their freedom.

7) On Independence Day rest of the world is informed about our achievements and goals.

8) Independence Day keeps world informed about our rich history and heritages.

9) People take to streets and rejoice in adorning replicas of National Flag.

10) Children are reminded of the struggle for Independence and to value it more.


We have also given an additional set on 10 lines on the topic so that it amplifies your knowledge and you can enhance your essays and speeches by incorporating these lines. Please go through the below lines which are in easy to understand language:


10 Lines on Importance of Independence Day - 2

1) The Independence Day celebration marks the freedom of India from the British rule and exhibits the power of nationalism and unity.

2) It marks the remembrance of our great leaders and their sacrifice to build the nation.

3) Independence Day celebration helps to plant the seeds of nationalism in the younger generation.

4) Independence Day is the day when we remember our great leaders and get inspired by their deeds.

5) It helps to unite people from different caste and communities under the roof of patriotism.

6) It is the day when the whole nation pays tribute and honour to the known and unknown soldiers who sacrificed their life for the country.

7) The Independence Day motivates the younger generation to come forward and contribute their bit to the nation.

8) It is the day when the world looks at us with a respect and honour.

9) It is the day which shows that if we unite together we can achieve anything we dreamt of.

10) The unity and patriotism at the time of Independence Day celebration showcases the unity in diversity.

Independence Day is the day which reminds us of what we have been given by our freedom fighters and the pain that they have gone through to handover this cultural heritage to us and it only reminds us to value our freedom more with each passing year.