10 Lines on Importance of Independence Day

Independence Day is a significant national festival celebrated every year on 15th August. It is a very important festival from several points of view. Apart from being a grand celebratory occasion, it is also an occasion to retrospect into the glorious past of the country and its freedom struggle, of the pre-independence era. It is a fusion of nationalism, patriotism, brotherhood, respect, tribute and similar sentiments.

Ten Lines on Importance of Independence Day of India

We have provided here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Importance of Independence Day of India for my dear children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Just go through these lines to find the best one for you:

10 Lines on Importance of Independence Day of India

1) Independence Day teaches us the difference between a republic and a dominion and that the former is a blessing.

2) It gives us an excuse to remember them and pay tribute to our great freedom fighters.

3) People of India reaffirm their commitment to preserving the freedom of the land.

4) Independence Day teaches us the value of the national flag and national anthem.

5) The day is also important in a way that it infuses unity among Indians, who acknowledge the fact that they are free only if they stay united.

6) It also reinstates people’s faith in the democratic setup of governance.

7) Every men and women realize that they are also a significant part of nation-building.

8) Citizens of all age groups and backgrounds come out of their houses to celebrate together, thereby promoting unity and brotherhood.

9) Top leaders of the country address the people, thereby gaining their faith and support for nation-building.

10) Unity displayed by Indians serves as a warning for other powers who might dare to threaten their freedom.

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10 Lines and Sentences on Importance of Independence Day of India

1) Independence Day commemorates the sacrifices made by freedom fighters and political visionaries.

2) It makes people reminded of their roots.

3) People get reminded of the benefits of self-governance and Parliamentary Sovereignty and to value freedom more.

4) People are reminded of the Nation’s rich cultural and religious diversity.

5) Independence Day reminds us of our Parliamentary Sovereignty.

6) It Unites people from different cultures and religions to celebrate their freedom.

7) On Independence Day rest of the world is informed about our achievements and goals.

8) Independence Day keeps the world informed about our rich history and heritage.

9) People take to the streets and rejoice in adorning replicas of the National Flag.

10) Children are reminded of the struggle for Independence and to value it more.

10 Sentences on Importance of Independence Day of India

1) The Independence Day celebration marks the freedom of India from British rule and exhibits the power of nationalism and unity.

2) It marks the remembrance of our great leaders and their sacrifice to build the nation.

3) Independence Day celebration helps to plant the seeds of nationalism in the younger generation.

4) Independence Day is the day when we remember our great leaders and get inspired by their deeds.

5) It helps to unite people from different caste and communities under the roof of patriotism.

6) It is the day when the whole nation pays tribute and honour to the known and unknown soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.

7) Independence Day motivates the younger generation to come forward and contribute their bit to the nation.

8) It is the day when the world looks at us with respect and honour.

9) It is the day which shows that if we unite together we can achieve anything we dreamt of.

10) The unity and patriotism at the time of the Independence Day celebration showcase the unity in diversity.

10 Lines on Importance of Independence Day

5 Lines on Importance of Independence Day of India

1) Independence Day represents the joy of freedom.

2) Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate the freedom fighters.

3) Independence Day of India lies on every 15th of august.

4) Many freedom fighters died to make India a free nation.

5) Independence Day symbolizes ‘freedom is a birthright for every citizen’.

20 Lines on Importance of Independence Day of India

1) Independence Day is a memorial event for the sacrifice of many great Indian Freedom fighters.

2) It is the mark of victory over 200 years of British Sovereignty.

3) It was the first day in the history of India that our flag was unfurled elegantly and without any restriction.

4) It is observed as the national festival of India so it unites the people of different places and communities.

5) Independence Day inspires us and our younger generations to love and respect our nation.

6) Independence Day reminds us of our duty towards the nation.

7) On the day people carry cleanliness and other campaigns to gain mass co-operation and spread awareness.

8) It is a national holiday so we, together our family can enjoy this occasion and share the love.

9) It teaches us to treat every religion with the same sense of love and respect as ours.

10) The history of India before independence teaches us to respect our national heritages and our moral values.

11) Independence Day teaches us the real value of freedom and liberty.

12) It unites the people of different sects, religions and communities to celebrate together.

13) It spreads awareness among the children of our nation about the history of India and teaches them to respect our freedom fighters.

14) People of different religions celebrate it together so a message of brotherhood is also delivered.

15) We experience the power and calibre of our Security Forces through the direct broadcasting of March and Parades from New Delhi on Doordarshan.

16) Cultural events and programmes organized in many educational institutions fill a sense of patriotism in our younger generations.

17) The memorial of great freedom fighters teaches us to come forward and contribute to the welfare of our nation.

18) The programmes presented by the people of different states make us aware of the different cultures of our nation where we have never visited.

19) It inspires us to remain grounded even though inspiring us to fly high and feel the joy of freedom.

20) The flag hoisting and singing National Anthem in Schools and Colleges teach the children the importance of the National Flag and Anthem and also to respect them.

Independence Day is a very important occasion for the nation. It plays a significant role in nation-building by promoting unity and nationalism among Indians. It is an occasion for the people of India to look back in the past and plan for the future.

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