10 Lines on Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day of India is observed with unparallel zeal and enthusiasm by the people of India. On 15th August every year, the people of India celebrate their freedom and reaffirm their commitment to one of the world’s most progressive democracies. It is a festival to reject differences of caste, culture, language, etc and commit to safeguarding the nation’s boundaries, ensuring the freedom of its people.

75th Independence Day of India 2021 – 15 August

Ten Lines on 75th Independence Day Celebration 2021 in India

Set 1

1)  Independence Day is celebrated as a national festival by people from various religious and cultural backgrounds.

2) A deep sense of brotherhood among Indians is promoted by the celebrations.

3) The national capital, Delhi is the center of attraction for the Independence Day celebration.

4) In Delhi the Prime Minister hoists the national flag, while in state capitals; the respective Chief Ministers preside over the celebrations.

5) Armed forces of India conduct march past on the occasion.

6) Similar flag hoisting events are held widely throughout India, in every town, village, and office.

7) Schools throughout India are buzzing with activities during the Independence Day celebration.

8) Children take part in flag hoisting, sing the national anthem and enjoy the sweets distributed to them.

9) The beauty of the festival is that the richest and the poorest celebrate it with a sense of belonging to each other and to the nation as well.

10) People wear garments, caps, colored as the Tricolour and adorn replicas of it in their houses.

Set 2

1) Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every Year across the Nation.

2) It is celebrated in the National Capital at a huge level to commemorate the struggle of freedom fighters.

3) It is marked with the unfurling of the National Flag and singing of the National Anthem “Jana Gan Man”.

4) Prime Minister of India unfurls the tricolor “National Flag” at Lal Quila.

5) On the eve of Independence Day the president of the country addresses the Nation.

6) Presence of all the Government employees is compulsory on the occasion.

7) Children actively participate in the celebration in schools and colleges.

8) Loud sound of music playing the National Anthem is a common sight on the day.

9) Each and every Indian citizen celebrates freedom in their own way.

10) Patriotic movies and songs are transmitted on the TV channels the whole day.

10 Lines on Independence Day Celebration

Set 3

1) Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every year to mark the independence of India from British rule in 1947.

2) The President of India addresses the nation on the eve of Independence Day on 14th August.

3) The Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag and addresses the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort.

4) Schools, colleges, private and public offices also hoist the national flag and pay homage to the freedom fighters.

5) Various competitions, dramas, skits, plays, etc based on the freedom struggle are conducted in schools and colleges.

6) Many cultural programmes are organized across the nation to remember the heroic deeds of our freedom fighters.

7) Children celebrate Independence Day with great pride and honor carrying small flags in their hands.

8) Many schools organize ethnic wear competitions in which children dress up as freedom fighters and give their stage performances.

9) Patriotic songs are played everywhere at schools, colleges, radios, televisions, etc.

10) 15th August is observed as a national holiday and a scent of patriotism flows in the air.

Set 4

1) Independence Day is celebrated annually on 15th August.

2) The reason behind celebrating Independence Day is the freedom achieved by the British Government on 15th August 1947.

3) One chief objective of celebrating it is to remember the martyrs and their sacrifice.

4) From a small society to the national level, it is celebrated gleefully and with a sense of pride.

5) On this day, the Prime Minister of India unfurls the Indian Flag on the Red-Fort in New Delhi.

6) Flag hoisting ceremony is also conducted in Schools, Colleges and Government and Non-Government organizations.

7) Students perform many cultural acts and dramas to explain how India got freedom.

8) Every society and market gets beautifully decorated with an Indian flag.

9) Students in Schools and Colleges take a pledge of dedication to the service of the Nation and its people.

10) Selling of Alcoholic products remains banned/prohibited throughout the country, on this day.

Set 5

1) Independence Day is celebrated as a day of freedom and liberty in India.

2) The Prime Minister addresses the whole nation and congratulates them.

3) Also the Prime-Ministers hoists the National Flag at this auspicious event.

4) Many cultural and traditional programmes are presented by eminent artists.

5) Millions Of people from India and all around the world attend the flag hoisting ceremony and enjoy the moment.

6) Many quiz and essay competitions are organized by some institutions and organizations these days.

7) People decorate their houses and shops with Indian Flags.

8) Also the Indian TV Channels and Radio, broadcast only patriotic movies, songs, and programmes.

9) Many Societies and small industries plan a flag hoisting ceremony and pay a tribute to our freedom fighters.

10) People of different religions stand together and share the same love for their country and enjoy with the same enthusiasm.

There is no other festival celebrated in India, other than Independence Day that evokes such intense patriotism through Indian classes. People of India celebrate their freedom, cherish it and stay committed to bravely opposing any threat upon it by external forces.