10 Lines on Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is a phenomenon of land degradation which is caused due to the presence of “Xenobiotic” or human made and “Carcinogenic” or cancerous materials and chemicals into the soil. Generally, it is caused by industrialization, pesticides and insecticides used in agricultural field and irregular waste disposal. The most common chemicals which cause soil pollution are mainly petroleum products such as hydrocarbons, lead, other heavy metals etc.

Soil pollution is closely associated with industrialization and rapid use of chemicals. The effects of soil pollution can be easily seen on the health, either from getting it from the direct contact of the contaminated soil or indirectly with the water which is lying under that polluted soil.

Ten Lines on Soil Pollution in English

We are giving 10 lines on soil pollution in English. After reading these 10 lines you can get information regarding soil pollution. Furthermore, you can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in your exam as well as in competitions.

10 Lines on Soil Pollution – 1

1) Soil pollution can be said as contamination of harmful chemicals into the soil.

2) The main factor due to which soil pollution exists is industrialization.

3) Other factors are heavy use of pesticides and insecticides in agricultural land.

4) Most common chemicals which are responsible for soil pollution are petroleum, carbon compounds, lead, and heavy metals.

5) Harmful irrigation practices which cause reduction in fertility of soil is also one of the causes of soil pollution.

6) When the obnoxious gases contaminate with the clouds, they cause acid rain, which is also a factor of soil pollution.

7) Leakage of fuel or petrol from vehicles spread out on earth; when rain occurs, they go deep inside the soil and contaminate it.

8) Improper waste management practices by which the wastes are thrown out in the large dumping ground contaminates the soil.

9) Soil pollution kills the productivity and fertility of soil left with harmful chemicals, the yields of that soil will make us sick.

10) As we know that soil is an important component of earth in which the trees, plants and all types of food are grown but contamination destroys this asset.


We have provided another set of 10 lines on soil pollution by which you will know how much necessary is to preserve the soil. Furthermore, you can add these lines in your speech and presentation which is going to be held in school.


10 Lines on Soil Pollution – 2

1) Food grains, vegetables and fruits which will grow in the contaminated soil will absorb all the harmful chemicals resulting in the sickness of human being.

2) Soil pollution also effects the growth of trees and plants as the contamination also occurs in them, changing their life cycle.

3) The fertility of that land slowly ends making that land hazardous for agricultural use and leaving that land barren forever.

4) The spread and emission of toxic gases posses serious damage to the health of human as well as other living beings.

5) The change in soil structure and pattern will lead to the death of many organisms such as earthworms and also force other predators to move out of that place.

6) Among other pollutants soil also contains carcinogenic materials, which causes cancer to human beings.

7) Soil pollution also affects a country’s economy as when the land becomes barren due to soil pollution, leading into the loss of agriculture and allied activities.

8) Continuous deforestation has also increased soil pollution as forests give us oxygen and control soil erosion; it also helps in gaining lost potential of soil.

9) Continuous mining and quarrying of minerals and oils have also contributed to soil pollution.

10) Construction of illegal dumping grounds nearby the river ultimately goes inside it and from that goes into the soil.

Soil is an important essence of our nature which gives us trees, plants, food, fruits, and agricultural food grains. It will not be wrong to say that we are dependent on soil also. Without soil no production can happen and as a result no life on this earth will exist. We have to prevent soil pollution so that everyone in this earth could live peacefully, we do not have to forget about to do efforts to curb this menace.