10 Lines on Soil Health Card Scheme

Soil Health Card Yojana has been introduced for farmers in 2015. This scheme has benefited the farmers a lot. There are many farmers in India whose fields are not producing grains properly. The biggest reasons for this are the choice of the wrong crop by the people. People do not know about the correct use of chemical fertilizers in the soil of their field. Neither do they know how they can hamper the fertility power of their soil.

After understanding these problems, our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started Soil Health Card Scheme on 2015 for the benefit of farmers. In this Soil Health Card, the complete information about the soil of their farm is written, such as what amount of nutrients are in it, and which crop, how much and what fertilizer should be used in their fields. With the help of this Soil Health Card, farmers will be able to understand easily the health of their soil and also choose the right manure and crop for it. This will result in more crops in their fields and will also benefit farmers.

Ten Lines on Soil Health Card Scheme in English

We have provided below ten lines on Soil Health Card Scheme for farmers by the union govt. of India.

These important lines will prove useful for the students of junior classes i.e. from std. 1 to 8 to complete their assigned task by their school teachers on the topic.

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10 Lines on Soil Health Card Scheme – Set 1

1) The government has planned to connect more than 14 crore farmers across India under this scheme.

2) This scheme is available in every region of India.

3) All the farmers associated with this scheme are given their Soil Health Card online.

4) The farmers collect the soil of their fields as per the instruction given by the experts.

5) The collected soil is sent in the laboratory for test of nutrients and ph value of the soil.

6) After examination of the soil, all the information about the soil of his field is given in it.

7) Every farmer is given his soil / soil health card after every 3 years.

8) The experts recommend the amount of nutrients to be added into the soil and also suggest the usual crop for better yield.

9) With the help of this scheme, farmers will be able to get correct health information about the soil of their fields.

10) Under this scheme, farmers will be helped to grow good crops, which will benefit both the farmer and the country.

Another set of ten lines on Soil Health Card Scheme is given here under for the senior secondary students to help them in many perspectives either in writing work or oral competitions. These important points can be used in writing short notes, essays, articles, and other forms. These facts are given in such a simple way that it can be easily memorised and can be delivered in morning speech and on stage of any related function.

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10 Lines on Soil Health Card Scheme – Set 2

1) Soil Health Card Scheme was started in February 2015 for the welfare of farmers.

2) Under this scheme the farmers can get their soil tested and after that they can get good harvests from their fields at low investment.

3) Through this scheme, the government will evaluate the soil of all the farms in the country, which will also boost the economy of the country.

4) The soil of the farmers' fields is tested on a regular basis including soil salinity, alkalinity, and acidicity.

5) If something is found lacking in the soil during the test of soil, then suggestions are given for corrective measures.

6) Information is given on the farmers' mobiles as soon as possible and later the hard copies of the test report are delivered to the farmers at their homes.

 7) The Modi government has allocated Rs 568 crore for the Soil Health Card in the financial year 2019-20.

8) Under the Soil Health Card Scheme, the government is constantly making efforts to increase soil fertility.

9) The government has recently started the Soil Management Program which will help in increasing the crop yield.

10) More and more labs are being set up for soil testing under this scheme and it is planned to recruit about 20 lakh trainees for the training of farmers.

The government has introduced the Soil Health Card Scheme for the farmers of the country. This scheme is very important for those farmers who are doing farming but they do not know it properly, because of which they have to face heavy losses many times. There are more number of uneducated farmers in the country who do not have proper knowledge about the soil and crops of their fields. For this reason, the Government of India has started this scheme so that farmers can get proper information about the soil of their fields and get a good yield.