10 Lines on Soil Health Card Scheme

‘Soil Health Card Scheme’ it is clear from the name that this scheme is about the quality of the soil. So we can also guess that this scheme would be for the farmers of India. For more detail, you should go through the sets of 10 lines on Soil Health Card Scheme below. These sets have all the answers to your questions related to the scheme.

Ten Lines on Soil Health Card Scheme

Set – 1

1) Soil Health Card Scheme was started by the Government of India.

2) It was launched on 19 February 2015.

3) The scheme was launched to increase agricultural production in India.

4) Under this scheme, the farmers get a Soil Health Card.

5) This card measures the quality of the soil up to 12 parameters in the field of the farmer.

6) The card will also provide them with tips to improve the quality of the soil.

7) Every Soil Health Card will be valid for three years.

8) The sample of soil will be collected by the trained people from the related ministry.

9) The Soil Health Card will improve the quality of the soil and increase its productivity.

10) It will also suggest which fertilizer to use and which do not.

Set – 2

1) The Soil Health Card Scheme was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

2) Under this scheme, the Soil Health Card is issued to every single farmer in India.

3) A farmer with two or more different farms will have multiple Soil Health Cards, one for each farm.

4) The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare promotes this scheme.

5) The sampling of the soil will be done two times a year.

6) The collected soil will be tested in well-equipped soil test laboratories.

7) About 22.5 crore cards have been distributed by now under the scheme.

8) The Soil Health Card contains a report about electric conductivity, organic carbon, and other elements in the soil.

9) Under this scheme, the rural people with age more than 40 can set-up their soil test laboratory.

10) The government has also started training programmes for students to recruit in these laboratories.

So we can conclude that the Soil Health Card Scheme for the rural people of India who are related to agriculture and agricultural activities. This scheme will also help in preserving the natural quality of the soil. Use of the organic fertilizers instead of synthetic will improve the quality of production as well.

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