10 Lines on HRIDAY

Have you ever heard about the HRIDAY Scheme of the Indian Government? If not, then you can have all the information about this scheme through the sets of 10 lines on HRIDAY below. You should read all of them, and I am sure that these sets will make ready for any speech or essay competition or any other project.

Ten Lines on HRIDAY

Set 1

1) HRIDAY is a scheme of the central government of India.

2) This scheme was launched on 21 January 2015.

3) HRIDAY stands for “Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana”.

4) It is a scheme for preserving the Indian heritage and developing the Indian urban structure.

5) The scheme was launched with a deadline of 31 March 2019.

6) The scheme was aimed at 12 important cities of India including Varanasi, Amritsar, Mathura, and Dwaraka, etc.

7) Through this scheme, the government had worked on infrastructure development, sanitation, maintaining heritages, and keeping tourism, etc. in these cities.

8) The HRIDAY scheme had an allotted fund of 500 crores for these cities.

9) The government has also started a website for the complete information of the scheme.

10) This scheme brought a major change in tourism statistics and preserving the legacy of India.

Set 2

1) HRIDAY scheme was launched by the contemporary prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

2) In the HRIDAY scheme, each of the 12 listed cities is allocated a definite amount for the development.

3) The decided funds for the cities were transferred to the state government of the respective cities.

4) The government has decided cities based on religious and spiritual importance.

5) It is expected that the scheme will help in improving the religious importance of the cities, increasing the revenue through tourism.

6) Through the scheme, the government has initially worked on providing the basic needs of the people in the cities.

7) The government will work on restructuring the ghats, temples, historical monuments and other religious symbols.

8) This scheme was operated by the ‘Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs’.

9) Under this scheme, Varanasi was allocated 89.31 crores.

10) Amaravati, Badami, Dwaraka, and Velankanni had 22.26 crore.

It is possible that you had not heard about this scheme before. There are many such schemes of the government of India which don’t come in limelight but work to serve India and its people. HRIDAY is one of them.

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