Speech on Soil Pollution

We know about Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and Noise Pollution. But do we know about Soil Pollution? What is soil pollution? How is it caused? What are the contaminants those pollute the soil? Perhaps, not all of it and it does require the serious implementation of measures to keep a check on its rising intensity. It, therefore, becomes important to spread awareness about soil pollution so that we can prevent it from further happening. Keeping this in mind, the Speeches on Soil Pollution has been comprehensively covered interestingly in the form of sub-points and highlighters.

Sample Speech on Soil Pollution for Students

Soil Pollution Speech 1 (400 Words, 4 Minutes Speech)

Good Evening Dear All – How you all are doing? I Hope this day finds you in the best of spirit!

I – Avinash Mishra, the secretary of Nature’s Club, welcome everyone to the speech giving ceremony. The speech topic for today is Soil Pollution. The reason why I chose this subject matter is that everyone talks about air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution whereas soil pollution demands equal concern and attention as the soil is the very fundamental thing in which the crops grow. If that very fundamental thing is polluted how can we expect a healthy crop? Therefore, it should be given equal concern and concrete measures should be adopted to prevent the pollution of soil.

But, before I go on to further talk about soil pollution, I want to ask how many of us really know what soil is? What it consists of? Well if not many of you know the answer here I give you a brief explanation!

Soil, even when in its natural form contains contaminants those are found naturally. Some common examples of naturally found soil contaminants are lead, pesticides, asbestos etc. Most of the natural contaminants are found due to biological breakdown or decomposition of plants and animals.

Besides, several other compounds enter into the soil from the surroundings, such as from the precipitation of water, wind activity as well as other types of disturbances in soil. Then there are surface-level groundwater or water bodies that keep flowing in the soil. When the concentration of soil contaminants go beyond the acceptable limit, then pollution is generated.

Now, about the two main causes of soil pollution – the first is, of course, the natural cause and the other is the man-made (also called the anthropogenic) cause.

While natural causes lead to the concentration of the poisonous chemicals in the soil in the arid environment; the man-made causes are the inappropriate disposal of urban or industrial waste, pesticides used in agriculture or due to industrial activities. Now the question that arises is who is more susceptible to soil pollution? Soil pollution usually affects every living species more or less, i.e. humans, plants and animals.

So while each one of us becomes prone to this type of pollution, children, in particular, are usually more likely to get infected by it because they are often out in the playground. It, therefore, becomes important to test the soil type where your child is going to play, especially when you live in an industrialized place.

Thus the point I want to make here is that soil pollution can be equally dangerous and can cause several diseases, such as damage to your kidney and liver, headache, rashes in the skin, irritation in your eyes, fatigue, nausea, and neuromuscular damage.

This is all from my side, thank you for being such a wonderful audience!

Soil Pollution Speech – 2 (500 Words, 5 Minutes Speech)

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to one and all!

I – Sarita Chhabra, the school head and the student of Class-X (A) – would like to welcome everyone to the auditorium and felicitate our Principal as well as Vice Principal for organizing such awareness programs and allowing the students to remain active at every front to enable their overall growth and development.

Today as I stand here, I would like to deliver a Speech on Soil Pollution with the due permission of everyone. Yes friends, you heard it right, my speech topic is Soil Pollution. So much has already been said and talked about Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and Noise Pollution that another area of concern, i.e. Soil Pollution seems to have been overlooked by most of us. However, this form of pollution is equally dangerous as it has a direct bearing on our lifestyle, particularly the food that we eat.

Soil pollution is caused by both contaminants as well as pollutants. When it comes to pollutants, the major ones are the biological agents along with some caused by human activities whereas soil contaminants are all a part and parcel of soil pollutants that infect the soil. As we all know that one of the major causes of soil pollution is agricultural practices – it plagues the crops with pesticide chemicals. Then there are industrial or urban wastes and the most dangerous radioactive emissions which lead to the contamination of soil with various toxic elements.

There are 5 types of Soil Pollutants, which we all should know so that we can try and evade those reasons, if not all but some of it:

  1. Biological Agents
  2. Industrial Waste
  3. Agricultural Practices
  4. Urban Waste
  5. Radioactive Pollutants

Now let’s understand them one by one:

Biological agents are present within the soil in order to make it blend with manure as well as digested sludge (that comes from the animal, bird and human excreta) into the soil. Secondly, the industrial waste which comes from the oil refineries, paper mill, petroleum and sugar factories that produce textile, steel, petroleum, cement, glass, drug and pesticides.

Thirdly, the agricultural practices which cause soil pollution to a great extent by making use of such elements as fertilizers, pesticides, manure, debris, slurry and herbicides  Fourth factor that is responsible is the Urban Waste, which consists of rubbish material and garbage, sewage coming from our houses and several industries, including the dried sludge. Fifth and the last are the radioactive elements, namely Thorium, Radium, Uranium, and others which can enter into the soil and result in toxic effects.

And friends our farmers sow the crops in the soil, imagine if that very soil is polluted or contaminated would we be able to lead a healthy life on this planet – certainly not! It, therefore, becomes our responsibility to preserve our every natural resource – be it soil.

With this, I rest my speech – thank you, everyone!

Soil Pollution Speech – 3 (500 Words, 5 Minutes Speech)

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman – How you all are doing? I Hope this day finds you in the best of spirit!

As we know that The ABC Organization has been contributing its efforts towards preserving the environment, one of the serious issues which we have come across is the poor quality of the soil. This is the reason why we have called upon this committee to discuss and find out ways with which we can prevent further erosion and contamination of soil. This brings me to research around this issue and analyze the severity of the condition.

So now let’s understand in brief what Soil Pollution is and how it is caused!  With the ever-increasing number of concrete buildings and the roads, one part of our Earth that is clearly visible is, of course, the soil. We can give several names to it, such as mud, dirt, and ground, but it is really very vital for us. How? Let’s understand! The plants and trees where fruits and vegetables grow take their lives from soil; it, therefore, becomes very important to preserve its quality.

Unfortunately, just like other forms of nature that become polluted, the soil is also not left untouched. Soil pollution has become a common phenomenon these days and it happens mainly because of human intervention. The chief reason behind the contamination of soil is because of the littering of the man-made waste. The waste that nature generates such as decayed fruits and vegetables, animal carcasses and dead plants only increases the fertility of the soil. On the other hand, the waste generated by us is full of chemicals that are not derived from nature and thus cause soil pollution.

It is quite obvious that the pollution of soil will affect our health, but it also causes a huge imbalance in our ecology. The ecological balance gets disturbed because of the extensive contamination of soil. Do you know that there are various plants which cannot adapt to the changing chemistry of the soil as swiftly as some plants do? Bacteria and fungi present in the soil that keep it intact begin to fall apart, which accelerates the issue of soil erosion.

The fertility gradually gets deteriorated, making our land unfit for agricultural practices and any form of local vegetation to thrive. Soil pollution makes big tracts of land dangerous for our lives. It’s not like deserts that are appropriate for the native vegetation, such lands as these cannot support the life forms.

With the increasing pollution and population, the quality of soil is deteriorating and it becomes our responsibility to look into the matter and suggest to our government some concrete measures otherwise the crops would die soon and whatever cultivation would occur will be unfit for human health and could be life-threatening as well.

This is all from my side, now may I please call upon stage our respected Chairman Shri ……..to say a few words in this regard.

Thank You for your patience!

Soil Pollution Speech – 4 (500 Words, 5 Minutes Speech)

Esteemed Guest of Honor, Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – Warm Welcome to Everyone!

I, Sakshi Tanwar from Class – XII (B), would like to extend a note of thank you on behalf of the entire school for taking your precious time out and gracing our function with your presence. We are extremely glad to have you here and I sincerely wish you have a great time with us. Before we kick start this ceremony, I would like to call on stage our esteemed guest of honor and our hon’ble principal to kindly felicitate our guest with a bouquet and a memento.

Now, let’s kick start the ceremony! Friends as we all know that our school has participated in Clean Delhi, Green Delhi Drive, which is going on successfully. However, recently the survey group has come across yet another challenge while understanding the different kinds of pollution; it is the growing contamination of soil. However, it is not been given due attention in recent times. We need to address this issue and take some concrete steps to evade this problem.

Now, let’s understand about soil pollution, how soil gets polluted and what are the pollutants?

Soil pollution comes under land degradation and is caused by such man-made chemicals as Xenobiotics. Soil Pollution is also caused by certain natural factors, changes that take place in our nature; but man-made pollution is much more dangerous than the natural pollutants as it can prove fatal for us. Soil pollution is largely caused by industrial activities, then from the chemicals that run out of agricultural farms and fields and lastly from the improper dispersal of waste. The most common types of chemicals are:

  1. Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (like benzo(a)pyrene and naphthalene)
  2. Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  3. Heavy Metals
  4. Lead
  5. Pesticides
  6. Including other heavy metals

The larger will be the scale of industrialization and greater the intensity of toxic substance, more will be the level of contamination. Why we should pay serious heed to soil contamination is because it causes severe health risks if we come in direct contact with the contaminated soil.

It’s a tedious process to survey the sites of the contaminated lands and huge money will go into cleaning the lands. It will require an extensive level of:

  1. Geology
  2. Hydrology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Skills – based on Computer Modeling

While also appreciating the working mechanics of our industries, we should seek to find a balance between nature and our man-made activities. Neither of the two should overpower each other because if that happens the balance will be lost and we may have to face the serious repercussions. As we have seen that we exploit nature too much, we also incur its wrath in the form of a tsunami, situation of drought, etc.

And the damage caused by the natural havoc is irreparable. It, therefore, becomes extremely important in the ever increasing age of industrialization to ensure the safety of our nature.

This is all from my side, thank you!

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