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World Environment Day is celebrated across the world on 5th June in order to create awareness amongst people about the importance of preserving nature and environment. It is celebrated in most of the schools, offices, factories, manufacturing units, etc as the government is also putting lot of emphasis on the preservation of environment. You may come across occasions when you may have to deliver speech on World Environment Day. We present here various samples on World Environment Day Speech for preparing you for various occasions that come your way. We prefer to keep the language user-friendly and use simple English, which you can use as a reference point. Our Short speech on World Environment Day can be used at school or college level celebrations and the long speech on World Environment Day can be used as a sample speech for various organizational celebrations. We are certain that these samples would act as an inspiration for you for creating your own speech on World Environment Day.

Long and Short World Environment Day Speech

World Environment Day Speech – 1 (500 Words, 5 Minutes Speech)

Good Morning Friends!

World Environment day is celebrated annually on 5th June across the world. We have assembled here to make plans for this year celebration. Our company always advocate green environment and preservation of nature. You must be aware that the technology used in our manufacturing unit also supports green environment. We are highly the promoters of green India; our production units are well equipped with latest machines and equipment that consume less water and energy, thus causing less wastage of water and energy. The unit releases no or less pollutant or poisonous gases, which also preserves nature, water and the environment ultimately.

In order to strengthen our country and the world, it is important that the nature is preserved. The mushroom growth factories and manufacturing units has also led to the explosion of pollution, rays, gas, dust, etc which is deteriorating the quality of air we are breathing in, water we are consuming everyday and the environment we are surviving in.

The state government has given us this responsibility to create awareness amongst the factory owners, business tycoons and manufacturing units to share the benefits of green technology. In the same regards, we’ll be organising a meeting soon in which we will inform them about the technologies we use to preserve the nature.

We are also appealing to common people across India to plant trees, clean up the surroundings and take actions against those that harm animals. We also request people to save water and energy at their respective places as much as possible.

At this forum, I would also highlight some of the diseases related to unhygienic living conditions and dirty water. Water is the main source of energy, but if it remains stagnant or unclean then it becomes the source of several dangerous diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, etc. It, therefore, becomes important that every individual owns his/her social responsibility and take all the preventive measures to cover the uncovered water like tanks, pots or coolers.

Now let’s discuss about the disposal of garbage; it is been wildly observed that many people throw used-litter in the open area. Our government has taken steps and fixed the ‘Green coloured’ and ‘Blue coloured’ dustbins at almost every public place. It is sincerely appealed to the people to kindly use those dustbins and use the colour symbol correctly for the wet and dry garbage.

Life can be very simple and fulfilling if we follow certain principles and trust me; these simple formulas cost no money and involve no hassles yet prove to be very effective.

World Environment Day is celebrated to raise awareness about nature and the significance of protecting environment for present and future. For sustaining life on this planet Earth, it is critical that the world’s forests, oceans and soils are preserved and these act as great stores for greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide; fisher-folk and farmers bind nature in order to provide us with food. Scientists and researchers develop medicines using these natural products since ages.

Nature’s gifts are rare and cannot be purchased from money. It is important that each one of us wake up before it’s too late. Don’t smoke in the public places or dump garbage in the open area. These small beginnings will certainly lead to a better place for survival.

Thank You!

World Environment Day Speech – 2 (500 Words, 5 Minutes Speech)

Dear friends, hope you all are enjoying your day so far. Thank you for being a part of this celebration. We all have gathered here to celebrate the World Environment Day which commemorate every year on 5th June. I have been given this opportunity to host the programme this year and I promise to utilize this platform to the fullest.

What is environment? Many of you must be feeling surprised and some of you must be finding me stupid as I ask this question. Environment is our immediate surrounding and in recent times we have been hearing a lot of debates, discussion, events, occasions, etc around saving the environment. I often wonder if it is really such a grave issues that invites a lot of debates and discussions! Well, the answer is ‘Yes’. We have made it critical. Man is surprisingly the creation of God who creates and destroys its own surroundings. We are smart and intelligent enough to know what pollutes the environment and what are the ways to protect it; but still we choose to remain silent and inactive.

The celebration of World Environment Day provides people with an opportunity to come forward and know the reasons behind the deterioration of our environment and discuss various means and methods to save and preserve it. Started in 1974, this day has grown and become a global platform for public outreach that is broadly celebrated across the world.

Our school celebrates this day with equal enthusiasm and zeal as we strongly believe that good manners must be taught to people since their childhood itself. I have seen that children are highly excited and start the preparation in advance. Every year, we celebrate this day with different themes. This year, our theme is ‘Plant trees and make the surrounding green’. Every student has to write an essay on this theme, decorate their respective classes in Green all with natural materials; you can use leaves, grasses, etc. The winning students in the essay competition and the winning class will receive exciting prizes. Besides this, each student will be provided with a plant for planting at home, park, garden or at any place which seems appropriate. Students are requested to get a photograph clicked while planting and interestingly top five pictures would get published in our annual school magazine.

It is also essential that we educate our children not to pollute their homes, roads, schools or living surrounding with litter such as empty can, chips, chocolate wrappers, etc. No wonder, we instil these habits at the school level, but parents should also take their due responsibilities and educate kids about the significance of the Green and Blue dustbins. Children shouldn’t be allowed to de-root small plants in the park, gardens or road sides. Grown up people should be mindful not to smoke at the public places and save the air from getting polluted. Water at every place should be kept covered, no energy and water should be wasted and garbage and litter shouldn’t be burnt in the open environment.

As much important it is to preserve nature, it is equally simple. All we have to do is just be little aware, cautious and responsible.

Thank You!

Speech on World Environment Day – 3 (500 Words, 5 Minutes Speech)

Good morning respected principal, teachers and my dear friends,

For addressing the assembly today, I have been assigned the topic ‘World Environment Day’.

My dear friends, what does environment mean to you all? It is the natural world, our surroundings. This World environment day is the day especially devoted to address our overall environment and the issues that presently exist in our environment. Our immunity and well being directly depends on the situation of the environment. Bad the environment bad is our living and vice versa.

Due to various human activities the quality of environment in which we live is deteriorating. And the rate of this decline is too quick or too high if I may say. Human should necessarily work on their activities like industrialization, deforestation, technological development, global warming, pollution, waste management, etc. If they wish to live in a safe and healthy environment. On this day we should recognize the need of how important environment is to us and at present what all issues have taken place in this environment. It is us who can work on making things better and this is not only for us but for good of others as well.

This day aims to engage and draw attention of all the citizens of the world including political and health organizations to be more specific across the globe from different countries. And, to make them curious about making new plans and implementing them for the betterment of the environment. A healthy and safe environment is the way towards the happy and more progressive future. Government should lay down more projects just like swachh bharat to make people more attached to the environment’s maintenance.

We tend to put everything on to the legal and political entities solely for the initiation of such plans and acts that bind us for being active towards the environment. We people have all the right and authority to do our bit for having a safe and healthy environment. By growing more trees, discarding waste properly, evading the pollution, use of solar energy, etc are very few things which one made necessary will help us in having live in a great environment.

We all should create awareness on large scale amongst the population on maintaining the sustainable environment by ensuring correct and minimal use of the natural resources and doing our bit by doing the earlier mentioned few tasks. Stabilized environment today will help in the better maintenance of the coming future generations as well. We all have to be cautious about everything that we do, as each of the minute thing done adds on to the pool of adverse things impacting the environment. People should necessarily link themselves to the different acts of the government that focus on environment maintenance and should make more people gathered at the special seminars and sessions organized on this day.

Safe environment is a healthy well being of humans, plants and animals. We must attain the final result of safe environment. Thank You everyone!

Speech on World Environment Day – 4 (500 Words, 5 Minutes Speech)

Good morning my dear friends, we all are gathered here today to acknowledge the importance of the ‘World Environment Day’. I am obliged to address this topic amongst you all today.

It is very very important for us to live in an environment that is safe. The need today is to improve the level and intensity of the global awareness about our environment amongst all. Out of the entire population most of the people are unaware about how important it is to have a sustainable environment. Each year celebration of the world environment day is prepared in accordance with the specific themes and by having specific slogans for that theme to bring success in the campaign around the globe.

We all should focus on doing the deeds that get positives in the environment and tend to stabilize the traits of environment. Sheer focus should be on minimizing the activities that release toxins and population in the air and make the environment unhealthy for the living of man, plants and animals. We ourselves need to stand strong for living in quality surroundings that help us in living a life that is less of diseases and free from the unhealthy zeal of diminished resources.

Every year this day is celebrated to make people aware about the results that occur in environment due to their day to day activities and the issues being faced by each one of us due to these. The other agenda about having this dedicated day is to make people cautious of how important it is to have a safe and healthy environment.

We all should know the importance of the environment. We should work on growing more of the trees so that overcoming other negativities existing currently in the environment become easier and quicker. This day should be attended with utmost importance and every individual should be a part of the seminars, sessions, rallies, etc organized on this day. Though environment is such a crucial topic that addressing it only once a year is not enough but yes, it is good at least for initiating and evaluating our deeds done for the environment throughout the year.

We humans should realize our mistakes and address the existing concerns about the environment in order to keep it of utmost quality. It should be clean, safe and secure for the healthy life of all humans, plants and animals. By adopting few activities we can easily diminish the bad impacts currently happening in the environment. We should make people more aware about how important it is to breathe in a safe quality environment. Thank you! I am sure we all together can surely eliminate the negativities that are present in the environment. Optimized usage of natural resources should be our first target on catering and doing our bit for the environment’s sustainability. We all should support people to create their surroundings secure and clean to enjoy disease free and immune lifestyle along with risk-free, better and successful future.

Thank you all for being a part of this session. Together we all can do the good for our environment. Thank you!

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