10 Lines on Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy has revolutionized the entire world. You can get the answer of what, when, where, how, etc. by visiting through the sets of 10 lines on Nuclear Energy below. In an easy language, the below sets will provide you with information in a brief manner. I will suggest you not to waste much time and head towards the sets right now.

Ten Lines on Nuclear Energy

Set – 1

1) Nuclear Energy is the energy generated from the nucleus of an atom.

2) It is a very great source of energy for mankind.

3) Nuclear Energy is generated in the Nuclear Power Plant.

4) Enrico Fermi was the first man to bring the concept of Nuclear Energy.

5) For getting the Nuclear Energy, the nucleus of an atom of an element is broken in two or more parts.

6) The scientist Strassmann and Otto Hawn were first to perform a test releasing nuclear energy.

7) ‘Chicago Pile 1’ is the first nuclear reactor in the world established by Enrico Fermi in Chicago.

8) The first nuclear reactor of India ‘Apsara’ was established on 20 January 1957.

9) It is a great source of electricity generation in modern days.

10) Nuclear Energy is destructive as well.

Set – 2

1) Nuclear energy is obtained through the chain reaction.

2)  The chain reaction releases energy in a large quantity.

3) The atom bomb is made on the concept of Nuclear Energy.

4) Nuclear power plants help in saving the world from harmful nuclear radiation.

5) Uranium and Plutonium are most used in nuclear energy as a fuel.

6) Heavy water is also used in the reactor to control the amount of generated energy.

7) Only 30 Tons of Uranium is needed for generating as much energy as 300 Lakh Tons Uranium.

8) India is the first Asian country for setting a Nuclear Power Plant.

9) Exposure to the Radio Active radiation in Nuclear Energy generation can cause long live damage.

10) The best advantage of Nuclear Energy is massive energy with no pollution.

Nuclear energy has served mankind in both ways, positively and negatively. Even our Sun is glowing with the help of nuclear energy. A popular proverb ‘Science is boon as well as curse’ suits completely with nuclear energy. We hope for its constructive use in the future.