10 Lines on Nuclear Weapons – A Demon

Nuclear Power is the greatest source of energy until now. We all have gone through a little information about it. Let’s read more about it through our sets of 10 lines on Nuclear Weapon – A Demon. They are given below for you. Read them and get their benefits.

Ten Lines on Nuclear Weapons – A Demon

Set – 1

1) All the weapons that run on nuclear energy are called Nuclear Weapons.

2) Some Nuclear Weapons are Atomic Bomb, Doomsday Machine, and Nuclear Missile, etc.

3) Nuclear Weapons are based on nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

4) Like the Sun, nuclear energy has a large store of energy.

5) Nuclear weapons can be used for constructive as well as destructive works.

6) Hydrogen Bomb is a nuclear fusion bomb.

7) Nuclear weapons are very important to handle carefully.

8) They make destruction on a very large scale.

9) Despite the spot destruction, it also put a long-lasting effect.

10) Nuclear weapons are a boom and also a curse.

Set – 2

1) The nuclear energy used as a weapon is called a nuclear weapon.

2) These weapons have disadvantages more than advantages.

3) The nuclear weapons are relatively small but generate an enormous amount of energy.

4) Harmful radiation after the nuclear explosion brings long-lasting damage.

5) There are very few nations in the world that have nuclear power.

6) Nuclear Weapons make a nation powerful and dominating.

7) These are demon because their damage lasts for many centuries.

8) Nuclear weapons can also bring a positive change if used accordingly.

9) They completely affect our present and future.

10) Before using a nuclear weapon, we should seriously think about its consequences.

Set – 3

1) Nuclear Weapons can attack on the land, under the water, and also in the air.

2) Nuclear weapons get power from a chain reaction.

3) It is destructible and can cause fatal loss.

4) The Atom bomb is a nuclear weapon based on nuclear fission.

5) Everyone knows the power of a destructive hydrogen bomb.

6) Nuclear weapons destroy up to a long distance.

7) The adverse effect of the nuclear explosion remains for centuries.

8) The present nuclear weapons are 40,000 times more powerful than those in the early days.

9) A person can die in the exposure of radioactivity by the nuclear explosion.

10) The Soviet Union has the strongest Nuclear Weapon.

Set – 4

1) More than 67000 nuclear weapons have been made in the last 50 years.

2) A Nuclear weapon creates damage in a radius of 80 km.

3) The radiation released by nuclear weapons is dangerous.

4) ‘Tsar Bomba’ of Russia is considered to be the most powerful nuclear weapon.

5) There have been several nuclear accidents in the world.

6) Nuclear weapons use hydrogen, uranium, or plutonium.

7) ‘TNT’ is the unit to measure the destructive power of nuclear weapons.

8) Nuclear weapons are based on fusion or fission.

9) Some nuclear accidents forced the nations to halt their research on nuclear weapons.

10) The damage caused by a nuclear explosion can’t be compensated in a century.

The discovery of nuclear energy was definitely a great thing. They have the power to affect and change human civilization. Despite it, they can also end the human being from the earth. So we all need to think whether the nuclear weapon is a demon or not.

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