10 Lines on Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is emission of loud sound which can harmfully impact the humans as well as animal activities or health. The sources of noise pollution produced outdoor are generally machines, transport vehicles etc. industries and residential buildings and apartments also create noise pollution in residential areas. There are some sources which create noise pollution in residential areas like- loud music, transport vehicles, construction going at some nearby places, shouting in enthusiasm during playtime.

Noise pollution is responsible for the damages caused in brain and hearing capability of human beings and animals. It is also responsible for creating troubles in nervous system; several mental ailments have been observed which are caused due to noise pollution.

Ten Lines on Noise Pollution in English

We are giving 10 lines on noise pollution in English. After going through it, you can become aware of noise pollution and its effects. Further, you can add these lines in your essay and paragraph, in your exam as well as in any school competition.

10 Lines on Noise Pollution – 1

1) The propagation of noise from different sources such as loud speaker, transport vehicles etc which have negative impact on our health.

2) Noise pollution can badly affect our ears and can lead to deafness, either partial or full especially in older people.

3) Noise pollution creates trouble in residential areas also, sounds from loudspeakers, vehicles, construction in nearby place, shouting while playing outdoor games etc.

4) It is also responsible for affecting our nervous system; there have been several mental ailments occurred to the people due to this.

5) Average noise level increases up to 97.60 decibels against recommended level of 50 decibels by WHO for residential complexes.

6) Experts say that the level of noise pollution is higher in developing and underdeveloped countries than in developed countries.

7) It also creates problem in concentration in schools and colleges; besides, roads are worst affected with noise pollution.

8) Students of either schools or colleges also feel the problem due to noise pollution; they are not become able to concentrate on their studies.

9) It also increases the chance of heart ailments, blood pressure of a person can either increase or decrease due to noise pollution.

10) Noise causes serious health concerns in the children; it hampers their physical and psychological growth and development.


We are providing another 10 lines on noise pollution for the refreshment of your awareness related to noise pollution. You can add these 10 lines in your speech and presentation in any school event or seminar.


10 Lines on Noise Pollution – 2

1) Noise pollution affects health and behaviour of humans as well as animals both; it damages the psychological health of both.

2) Sound becomes irritating when it exceeds the capacity of listening of anybody. It destroys sound sleep; persons can have the problem of sleeplessness due to this.

3) Those people who are admitted to hospital suffer from serious brain related problems due to noise.

4) Noise can pose a serious threat on animals too, it can increase the chance of their death, it also causes hindrances in their communication.

5) Houses which are close to airports face lots of noise, when airplanes land and take off, huge sound is produced and this can happen anytime even during late night hours.

6) In cities the sound of buses, trucks, cars and other vehicles start producing sound especially during traffic jams, it mentally and physically disturbs the people on the road.

7) During marriages in India people play DJ in huge volume and celebrate on the music played by it, the high volume of DJ can cause heart attack to anyone having heart issues.

8) As India is a land of festivals, playing DJ has become common method to celebrate, especially in holy festivals; also, this creates noise pollution on large scale.

9) The railway engines, while giving signals produce huge volume of sound, after crossing the corners; again contributing noise pollution.

10) Noise pollution has the capability to collapse building located nearby, several old buildings which are declared dangerous, collapse due to this.

Sound is a good thing, if heard in low and light frequency, it gives the feel of melody but severely exceeding volume of sound which is considered as beyond the level of listening is known as noise and it is intolerable,, whether it is a human being or an animal. There are several health hazards which show their impact both physically or mentally. Excess of sound can even cause death of a normally healthy person. Hence loud noise must be avoided and melody should be encouraged.