10 Lines on Role of Youth in Nation Building

Youths are the future citizen of our country which represent a highly dynamic, energetic and highly ambitious population of India. It is said that when the youth unite, they can change the direction of the wind, they have the power to change the government as well as the system, whether it is political or social system.

The capacity of nation can be best guessed by analyzing the population of youth in a country, it proves how young a country is.

Government must tap the potential of youth into constructive and productive ways by which the purpose of nation building can be achieved.

Youth energy is the most powerful element for any country and if it is channelized properly then it could do wonders to the country.

Ten Lines on Role of Youth in Nation Building in English

We have provided ten lines on role of youth in nation building. After reading these lines you will know that as what is the role of youth in nation building, what is nation building, what is the importance of youth in our country, how the capacity of youth can be utilised, what a youth needs for his development, how a youth can perform nation building.

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10 Lines on Role of Youth in Nation Building – Set 1

1) The importance of a country is known by its people, their intelligence and work.

2) Nation building means engaging all people in the progress of country.

3) The future and the current condition of nation lies in the hands of youth.

4) Youth of our country India is the future of our nation.

5) Youth represent the most dynamic and energetic section of the population.

6) Youth is the age where there is a will for creativity and to do something new.

7) The objective and planning of development can be best completed by the youth.

8) Youth are more enthusiastic and energetic and they can change the destiny of a nation.

9) A nation develops easily when its youth become educated and employed.

10) For dynamic change youth need freedom of speech, expression and thought.

We have provided another set of ten lines on role of youth in nation building. After going through these lines, you will know that how youth symbolizes our country, what are the attributes of youth, how a nation can develop, what must be done for making youth capable etc.

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10 Lines on Role of Youth in Nation Building – Set 2

1) Youths of our country are the future of our nation and they represent the most dynamic and energetic population of India.

2) Youth constitutes major portion of the population of India and the average age of the youth in India is approximately 35 years.

3) Such a major portion of population of the youth in our country plays an important role in the field of development.

4) The determination, dedication and energy with which youths work make them most capable citizen of the country.

5) There are three main elements which decide the fate of a nation and those are good education, sufficient employment and empowerment.

6) A nation develops with consistency when the youth of the nation gets good education with ample job opportunities.

7) We should know that youth are not only the future citizen of our country but also the potent leaders of our nation in future.

8) To ensure the participation of the youth in national development, the youth must get support from their parents and society.

9) Youth must fulfil some duties and responsibilities towards their nation instead of blaming others.

10) Youth should be more vocal about the problems in society by forming groups and protesting against the administrations and highlighting it in the media.

We cannot underestimate the power of youth as it is the youth who after seeing anything wrong in the society raise voice against it and inform the police, government, administration and the media channels. They can revolutionize whole society. We can see that in India’s struggle for freedom, youth also participated with shoulder to shoulder and supported the freedom fighters like ‘Bhagat Singh’, ‘Sukh Dev’ and ‘Raj Guru’.

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