10 Lines on Village Life vs City Life

As per Mahatma Gandhi’s view, the soul of India rests in its villages it means India is the country of villages. There is a huge difference between village life and city life as village lags behind development and progress. Villages in India lack all kinds of facilities like jobs, healthcare, good lifestyle, excellent infrastructure etc which the cities have.

On the other hand, in spite of these things, cities are prone to crime, stress, tension, pollution, bad health, riots, loneliness etc.

Both cities and villages have their advantages and disadvantages and we have to remember that it’s the agriculture sector from village area which is feeding whole India and not the cities.

Ten lines on Village Life vs City Life in English

We have provided ten lines on village life vs city life in English. After reading these lines you will know that what is the population of India living in villages, what are the problems faced by villagers in India, what are the advantages of living in city, what are the good features of villages, why do cities also face problems despite lot of development works etc.

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10 Lines on Village Life vs City Life – Set 1

1) India is said to be the land of villages with 67 percent population living there.

2) A small amount of population in India lives in various cities and metro areas.

3) Village people, if they live in cities face a lot of trouble and disparities initially.

4) People who live in cities try to convert their dreams into reality with hard work.

5) Village life is full of ease and comfort where villagers have time to relax and rest.

6) Cities are full of hectic and troublesome schedules and are facing a kind of rat race.

7) Villages are lacking the basic facilities of roads, light, proper housing and jobs etc.

8) Cities offer high standard of life with nice infrastructures like rail, road and other means of transportation.

9) In villages, people don’t have any scarcity of food and space.

10) People are facing the problem of living space in major metropolitan cities because of increasing population.

We have provided another set of ten lines on village life vs city life. After going through these lines, you will know that what things make a city awesome, what things make village life troublesome, why city life is full of challenges, what picture village show about India, what are the advantages and disadvantages of village and city life etc.

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10 Lines on Village Life vs City Life – Set 2

1) Facilities and opportunities are more in the cities which help a person to make his career with future growth prospects.

2) Villages on the other hand are lacking in the basic infrastructure like road, electricity etc and getting jobs in village is tough task.

3) Villages give a reflection of Indian culture with ancient tradition and heritage.

4) Cities are full of challenges and life in cities is very hard and takes people away from their roots of culture, family and tradition.

5) Villages lack modern facilities and basic amenities but the atmosphere is good and healthy to live.

6) Cities have plenty of modern facilities with top-notch infrastructure but stress, tension and pollution is quite high compared to villages.

7) In villages, there is peace and harmony among the villagers except some conflicts over land and influence.

8) On the other hand, cities are prone to communal riots which lead to deaths of several people and crime rate is also high.

9) Villages have the healthy lifestyle as the people are close to the nature, eat healthy food and breathe fresh air.

10) Cities have abundance of employment, healthcare facilities, transport with roads and electricity along with buildings and apartments etc.   

As of now India need both villages and cities in order to have complete growth and development. The present time is that where whole world is getting conscious about growth and development so why India should be left out.

People from both the cities and villages need development and it’s the duty of the government to provide them options and facilities to reduce regional disparity because presently cities are facing immense human population pressure due to mass migration of people from villages to cities in search of work.