Long Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth in India

Addiction refers to dependence over a substance or thing, which is physically and mentally harmful and interferes with one’s everyday routine work. Addiction may constitute of mobile phone addiction, gaming addiction, drug addiction etc. Indian youth are more vulnerable to fall prey to various kinds of addictions due to tender age and seeking adventure.

Long Essay on Addiction and Future of Youth in India

Below we have provided a long essay on Addictions and future of youth in India.

After going through the essay, you will know various kinds of addictions prevalent among Indian youth and the one having most severe effects on their future.

In this ‘Addiction and future of youth in India’ essay we will also go through the effects of addictions on youth and what measures are to be taken to prevent youth from becoming the victims of addiction.


India is deemed as the world’s fastest developing economy, surpassing China. This growth could be attributed to large number of Indian youth. They are educated, independent and progressive, contributing tremendously to the nation’s economical as well as social growth. But, there is also a quivering reality contrasting the promises of growth and prosperity.

Fastest growing economy as India provides tremendous work opportunities to both skilled and unskilled youth. Huge construction, maintenance and other works going throughout the country provide tremendous employment opportunities to professionals and unskilled labors. A large majority of Indian youth are employed in various sectors at an early age of 20 to 25. Thus, Indian youth at a very early age has access to a disposable income which they have the liberty of spending on whatever they wish to.

Unfortunately, sometimes these youngsters get deviated and fall prey to various harmful addictions, not realizing their consequences. The most severe addiction that poses a threat to the future of Indian youth, is an addiction to drugs. “Drug Abuse” as is the medical term to refer to drug addiction, has penetrated deep into the life of Indian youth, irrespective of caste, class, gender, education of financial and social status.

Children of affluent families studying in reputed institutions as well as the children belonging to deprived sections like rag pickers, beggars, menial labours are seen involved in some kind of drug abuse. Drug abuse or any kind of harmful addiction for that matter, spoils the future of the youth, consequently damaging the growth of the nation.

In the following essay we will go in detail through the types of addictions of Indian youth, their effects on the future of youth and precautionary measures to fix the problem.

What is the Indian Youth addicted to?

Indian youth has many addictions including – addiction to technology, electronic gadgets, video games, online gaming, smoking, alcohol consumption and drugs. All the other addictions have much lesser impact on the future of youth, accept the drug addiction. Scientific studies have revealed that young age is vulnerable for addiction to alcohol, smoking or drugs, as the youngsters consider weigh the rewards more than the consequences.

Drug abuse is the most severe kind of addiction that concerns youth from all the sections of society. Drug abuse has gripped rich as well as poor youth, educated as well as uneducated youth, employed as well as unemployed youth.

Over the past decade, a large number of Indian youth has switched from tobacco addiction to alcohol, smoking and narcotic substances. Many studies have revealed that children as young as 10 to 15 years are addicted to alcohol and heroine.

According to the data provided by the United Nations, India is home to 10 Million drug abusers out of an estimated 247 Million across the world. A majority of the Indian 10 Million drug abusers are in the adolescent age group of 10 to 19 years.

Youth of the metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, are more vulnerable to drug abuse than the youth from other parts of the country. A Delhi based de addiction centre has reported that at least 5 to 10 children belonging to the age group of 10 to 19 visit every day. A majority of them reported using drugs since below the age of 15.

Some of the most common drugs used by the youth are – Cannabis, mephedrone, cocaine, opium, poppy husk etc.  Children, who don’t have access to such banned drugs, often turn to cheaper form of addictions like petroleum products and other inhalants.

Reasons for Addiction

There are many economical, social and various reasons; those turn the children towards addiction of drugs and other substances. However, factors like poverty, illiteracy and lack of proper guidance are primarily responsible for the inclination of youth towards drugs.

A good number of adolescent children addicted to drugs, belong to the financially weaker section of the society, usually constituting of rag pickers, beggars and petty labours. Such children engaged in menial jobs, become the target of drug traders and dealers, as they are vulnerable, poor, week and most likely to fall prey to the drug abuse, due to lack of proper guidance. These children had never been to school and have almost no one to guide them through, telling them about the fatal consequences of drug addiction.

Another factor that is responsible for pushing the youth into drug abuse is – the police trader nexus. A strong police and trader nexus has ensured that the harmful and addictive drug continues to reach its customers, escaping the clutches of law enforcement agencies. Such collusion between the police and dealers has made the drug accessible to the poor as well as elites of the society. There had been incidents when teenagers studying in a reputed school or institute are found addicted to a drug that was supplied to them inside the campus.

The illegal importation of drugs from countries India shares borders with is also a prime reason for prevalence of substance abuse among Indian youth. The western state of Punjab stands testimony to this fact. Nearly a million youth in Punjab are addicted to drugs, mainly due to the state’s proximity to the international borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Effects of Drug Addiction on Indian Youth

Addiction of any kind, be it addiction to technology and gadgets or addiction to drugs, all have considerable damaging effects on the life and future of youth. The effects of drug addiction are however more severe than others.

Addiction to technological gadgets has several physical and mental effects on youths, like lack of concentration, distorted vision, weaker reflexes. It also effects their personality and their ability to socialize and interact, turning them into introverts. These complications however are no match with the severe effects of drug addiction, which has the potential of causing lifelong disability or even death.

A drug addict loses all self control and getting the drugs becomes his/her first priority. Drug addiction has serious physical and mental effects on a person, interfering with his/her everyday activities and performance.

Drug becomes a necessity for someone who is addicted, so much so that the person becomes restless and often violent, when deprived of it. Person under the influence of drugs loses his ability to make rational and proper judgments, and take inappropriate decisions, often risking his/her health or life.

The withdrawal symptoms of drug are sometimes more severe than its consumption. The addict shows clear signs of restlessness and often resort to violence in order to get access to the drug.

The physical effects of drug addiction are more prominent on the children and youth, who become lean and extremely underweight, due to the influence of drugs. They also start showing the signs of mental disturbance, irritation and sickness.  

A drug addict needs professional medical care and counseling in order to get rid of addiction. The future of Indian youth will continue to linger in uncertainty and danger as long as we are unable to nip the problem of drug addiction in its bud.

Measures to Counter Addiction in Youth

The best method to prevent any form of addiction in youth is to provide guidance and support to those who are at the high risk of addiction. Those who are already addicted must be counseled properly by experienced medical practitioners and psychologists.

Parents or the guardian of those affected, could also play a vital role in their treatment, by providing emotional support. Even for the youth at the risk of being exposed to drug abuse, a vigilant and compassionate parent can prevent the situation form happening.

Several de addiction and rehabilitation centers are open across the various corners of India to help those who are addicted to something or the other. There are also centers run especially for drug addicts. Anyone who thinks that s/he is an addict can approach the centre and take medical and counselor help.


Youth are the future of India. The responsibility to take the legacy of India forward lies on the shoulders of Indian youth. The youth should be strong enough to bear the responsibility. If the future of youth is uncertain and marred with issues like drug addiction, then the future of India will also be dark and gloomy.

It is therefore imperative to save the youth from the effects of drug addiction. Every possible effort must be taken by the society as well as the government to prevent youth falling prey to drug peddlers.

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