10 Lines on Rabbit

A rabbit is a small mammal with long ears which can be seen in the fields which are close to the jungle. Rabbits are found in different parts of the world. They live in burrows which are made inside the ground. During daytime they come on the ground to graze the grass and jump from one end to another. They are always alert from their predators while grazing in the field. When a predator chases a rabbit, it starts running in zig-zag pattern in order to make their predator tired.

Rabbits are also considered as good pets to humans just like cats and dogs. There is a perception that rabbits eat carrot but this is wrong, a rabbit mainly feeds grass, leaves and plants.

Ten Lines on Rabbit in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on rabbit in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will know that what is a rabbit, how a rabbit looks, what a rabbit popularly called as, where the two eyes of rabbit are located, how many and in what condition legs of a rabbit have, what a rabbit eats, why rabbits are seen on the fields, how the eyes of rabbits work.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. It will also enhance your knowledge on this small animal and the information can be used in putting on your notice board under the topic ‘Facts about Rabbit’, or to write short essay on rabbit, few lines on rabbit or simple sentences about rabbit etc. It could also be used if you have been given a topic to write essay on my favourite animal or my pet.

10 Lines on Rabbit

1) A rabbit is a small animal with long ears.

2) It is popularly called as “Bunny”.

3) The shape of a rabbit is like an egg with small neck and head.

4) Rabbits have thick fur on their skin.

5) Rabbits have two eyes on the side of their head.

6) Eyes of a rabbit are for safety which can move 360 degrees.

7) Rabbits have four short but powerful legs.

8) Rabbits can jump very far because of its legs.

9) Rabbit is a herbivores animal, it eats grass, leaves, fruits, vegetables etc.

10) Rabbits usually graze in the fields for long time.

10 Lines and Sentences on Rabbit

1) Rabbits are found in almost all parts of the world except Antarctica.

2) There are 50 different species of rabbits which are known to the world.

3) A male rabbit is called as a “buck” whereas “doe” is the female rabbit.

4) The offspring of a rabbit is called as a “kit”.

5) Generally, a female rabbit gives birth to 12 to 13 kits at a time.

6) Generally, the life of a rabbit is up to 10 to 13 years.

7) Rabbits depend upon their eyesight to detect its predators in the surrounding.

8) In order to protect themselves, rabbits dig burrows inside the ground.

9) Rabbits are very active from daytime to the evening.

10) Rabbits are best prey of most of the flesh-eating animals like cats, dogs, birds etc.

5 Lines on Rabbit

1)  Rabbit is an attractive and cute creature.

2) They have a soft and furry body.

3) They are of different colors.

4) They are small in size.

5) They live in burrows.

10 Lines on Rabbit

20 Lines on Rabbit

1) Rabbits are small animals belonging to the family Leporidae, which in Latin means – resembling hares.

2) All over the world there are 305 species of domestic rabbits and 13 species of wild rabbits.

3) Male rabbits are called “bucks”; females are called “Does” and the young ones are called “Kittens”.

4) Rabbits were considered rodents till the year 1912, after which they moved to order “Lagomorpha”.

5) Rabbits have been domesticated since long and kept as livestock for food and fur.

6) Various species of rabbits come in different sizes; from dwarf rabbits to giant sized rabbits.

7) A rabbit has the ability to swallow food and at the same time smell its predator through the nose.

8) Rabbits have two sets of incisor teeth; one behind the other.

9) Agility and speed are rabbit’s prime defenses against its predators.

10) The hind legs of rabbits are larger and have stronger muscles than their forelegs.

11) Rabbits are particularly clean animals and could be trained to respond to calls and sit on lap etc.

12) Rabbits can have multiple litters in a year with nine to ten kittens in every litter.

13) Rabbits are very specific about places and they have a particular, feeding, resting or bathroom place.

14) Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning they are more active at dusk and at dawn.

15) Rabbits lose their hairs regularly and must be brushed to avoid forming hair balls in their stomach.

16) Rabbits also show signs of boredom and depression when confined in a small cage with no toys.

17) Teeth and nails of a rabbit never cease to grow and must be cared for to avoid any complications.

18) Domesticated rabbits must be always kept inside in order to save them from preying predators.

19) Rabbits eat their own nutrients rich first droppings to meet their nutritional requirement.

20) Rabbits are herbivorous, having a plant based diet and do not eat meat at all.

Rabbits are very innocent animals and are very social also. They live in group and have a large family. Rabbit is a favourite and common prey for other predators like dogs, cats, birds, and other wild animals. Predators feel very easy to kill a rabbit and eat it but rabbits are fast and a clever runner which makes their hunting difficult. A cartoon series known as “Bugs Bunny” was made by “Warner Brothers” where “Bugs” is a character which is a rabbit and he is fond of eating carrots.

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