10 Lines on National Integration

The “National Integration” is not a single term, but it defines the social status of a country in a very broad way. It is very important for us to understand its true meaning which we can have through the sets of 10 lines below. The easy language and use of simple words has made the set adaptable for every reader.

Ten Lines on National Integration

Set 1

1) National Integration expresses unity among all citizens of a Nation.

2) It plays a vital role in a Nation’s progress.

3) India is the finest example of a Country displaying the Spirit of National Integration.

4) Integrity is when people unite by will, not by force.

5) In the Revolt of 1857, Indians first displayed a sense of National Integration.

6) Non-cooperation and Civil Disobedience Movements played a vital role in inculcating National Integration in Indians.

7) There can be no Democracy without National Integration.

8) Indian National Integration played a vital role in the fall of the British Empire and the attainment of Swaraj.

9) Celebrating National festivals each year helps in reminding us of the need for National Integration.

10) Schools are the perfect example of “National Integration”.

Set 2

1) National integration is the feeling of Unity, Brotherhood and Oneness among the citizens of a nation.

2) It is one of the essential pillars for the overall development of a country.

3) Communalism and Casteism pose a great threat to a country’s national integrity.

4) The 'Divide and Rule’ policy of the British Empire helped them to rule our country for about 200 years.

5) There are still handfuls of anti-social elements which try to destroy the national integrity.

6) Every citizen, irrespective of differences, should unite to fight against the anti-social elements.

7) Social and Financial equality is a weapon to fight against the threats of national integration.

8) National integrity and communal harmony are very important to safeguard the country internally.

9) The spirit of Nationalism and Patriotism made our freedom fighters unite despite different religions, to fight for the independence.

10) Participation of every individual in the country’s socio-political decisions makes the country integrated.

Set 3

1) National integration is a well-planned process of political stability and development.

2) Integration depends on certain values, beliefs and ideas meaningful to national life.

3) National Integration is very important to build a strong nation.

4) Maintaining national unity is essential for every country.

5) The nation refers to a community which holds a sense of unity on culture, language, or history or any other basis.

6) Countries around the world should live together to maintain the spirit of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' (the world is one family).

7) All countries have to consider this earth their home without any hatred.

8) One thing is true that the country with national integration will surely be on the path of progress.

9) Any country remains safe as long as there are mutual unity and integrity in the people and governance.

10) To maintain national integrity, a conscious, sensible, tolerant and generous heart of the people in that country is necessary.

Set 4

1) National integrity is when a person in a country forgets mutual differences and socializes.

2) Participation of every person in the national integrity is important to make the nation powerful.

3) Integrity is a feeling of power that motivates to renounce interests for national welfare.

4) National integrity is about the social units of the nation above the narrow limits.

5) The growth or decline of each nation depends on the integrity that nation has enriched in its people.

6) The feeling of nationalism in the people helps the nation climb to the pinnacle of growth.

7) Nationalism among people is very important to make a nation strong and successful.

8) Integration removes all the boundaries like caste, religion, culture and language etc.

9) National Integrity gives the citizens a responsibility to work for the nation honestly.

10) It also gives the power to overcome any adverse situation.

National Integration is a sense of responsibility and respect that a Country’s people from different cultures feel for each other. It indicates that they are together across the man-made divisions of caste, creed, religion or ethnicity, against any threat, be it external or internal, and are working unstoppably towards the progress of the Nation.

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