Paragraph on National Integration

The spirit of national integration holds supreme importance for all countries. Its definition, importance, objective and its importance in India, etc. are described in the paragraphs below. You can read all of them to gain whole information about national integration. Let’s check them right now.

Short and Long Paragraphs on National Integration

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

National integration means being together of people of different religions, castes, sects and races living in a nation. National integrity is a very broad term and important for all countries. It makes the nation strong and enables it to face every obstacle on the way to the development.

A country with the existence of physical and spiritual diversity can grow only with the help of national integrity. It was the sense of integrity that made Indians fetches their sovereignty from the British Government. Though we are different in many aspects, only our integrity can make us live with peace and harmony.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Since the dawn of civilization, the human has lived in a large group called cities and town or a nation. A nation may consist, people of different religion, cast, thought, and perspective. A sense of integrity among its citizens will provide ease in living a sustainable life. Integrity among the people makes everyone feel his importance so that they can equally participate in some serious matters.

National Integration is uniting of people of a nation despite much diversity. The integrated nation can experience growth faster than others. The main objective of national integration is to make the nation stronger. In this way, the nation can be enough efficient to remove all the obstacles in its constant development.

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Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Undoubtedly, national integration is the most critical factor for a country to rise and fight with its enemies. National Integration depends on many supporting factors without which it is impossible to maintain. Among all these factors, Political Integration plays a crucial role. The government of a nation is representative of it in the whole world. To show the integrity of the nation, it is very important to support political integration.

Though the citizens of the nation may have different languages, religions, customs, and traditions, they should be emotionally united to harbor the emotional attachments with one another.

Education should be the right of everyone. No one should be shunned of education because of racial or any other discrimination. Equal economic opportunities and equal advantage in society play a vital role in national integration. The judicial system should not be biased in any circumstances. These can help in forming national integration to a great extent.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

India is the most diverse country in the world. The people here practice more than 9 religions and use more than 25 languages to express their thought and communicate with others. Despite so many differences, there has never been a problem of national integration in India since ancient times.

Although the world has made many attempts to break our national integrity, it proved to beat the air to him. The constant efforts of our national heroes resulted in keeping the legacy of India. The ideals and principles of the Indian Constitution have proved to be very helpful in restoring the integrity of India.

The constitution of India has the provision of 6 fundamental rights for every citizen of it. Equal and same rights to every individual are the biggest reason for peace, harmony, and integrity in India. Like fundamental rights, all the citizens of India also have some fundamental duties.

Our Constitution declares India to be a secular nation which means that the followers of every religion have the right to religious freedom. The government will not discriminate against any religion. All these things are some basic and most important factors to make India an integrated nation.

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Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

National integration refers to the sense of unity and integrity among the citizens of a country. It is a belief of being one, irrespective of many differences among the people like the religious, regional or linguistic differences. National integration is essential for supporting the peace and prosperity of a country.

National integration is the key subject to maintain peace and prosperity with power in the nation. India experiences a vast diversity of civilizations which makes national integration an important element to run the economy. Though the huge diversity of regions, language, attire, and practices, our integrity has our utmost power which defines us and makes us live with brotherhood.

We need to read our history to understand the concept of national integration. In earlier times, religion played an important role in uniting people in India. Some foreign rulers didn’t like it, so they introducing their language and cultures in India that completely ruined our integrity.

A division between Indian Hindu and Muslim is the biggest attack on the national integration of India. Although we have been able to overcome this trauma on our integrity through many efforts, we have not yet recovered its loss completely. The government has tried to restore the previous integrity by the Indian Constitution.

National integration is an important element that binds the people of the country together. We must live in unity for the development of our country. Communalism is the biggest challenge and needs to be reduced, which will happen only when we change our mindset.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is integration?

Ans. Integration is the condition when some scattered things get unified.

Q2. Why does India need to be integrated?

Ans. India is diversified among many cultures and traditions that’s why India needs to be integrated.

Q3. Where does Indian Constitution say to be integrated?

Ans. The Preamble of the Indian constitution asks citizens to be integrated.

Q4. Which is famous slogan for Integrity in India?

Ans. ‘Unity in diversity is a famous slogan for the integrity of India.