National Integration Day (Rashtriya Ekta Diwas)

The National Integration Day is observed every year on the 19th of November in India. The aim behind celebrating the day is to promote unity and integrity with peace and harmony among people living in India. National Integration is the most important factor to make a nation world leader. It is only a sense of integrity among people of a nation that can bind them together with a feeling of nationality so that they forget their rivalry and stand together for the growth of one another.

National Integration Day 2022

In the year 2022, the National Integration Day (Rashtriya Ekta Diwas) will fall on19th November, Saturday. There is a huge excitement among the youth for the celebration of the day.

National Integration Day Theme 2022

Day wise themes for the whole week celebration of National Integration Day 2022 is “National Integration Day”, “Minority Welfare Day”, “Linguistic Harmony Day”, “Day for the Weaker Sections of Society”, “Cultural Unity Day”, “Women’s Day” and “Conservation Day”. This year’s celebration of National Integration Day will be focused on rashtriya ekta, minority welfare, linguistic harmony, weaker sections, cultural unity, women and conservation to spread more awareness among people of the society.

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History of National Integration Day

The National Integration Day, which is celebrated on 19 November annually, is also called Quami Ekta Diwas. It is the birth anniversary of the third Prime Minister and the first female Prime Minister of India Late Indira Gandhi. Under her guidance, the nation was leading towards sustained development with integration among people of different religions and communities.

Because of her love for the people’ especially for those belonging to poor families, made her the dearest Prime Minister of all time. After her death by assassination in 1984, the Government of India declared her birth anniversary to be celebrated every year as the National Integration Day in India. So we can say that the National Integration Day is dedicated to the love and care of Late Indira Gandhi for her people.

National Integration Day Celebration

There are various events to be organized on National Integration Day. These events include marathon, campaigns, drives, and many other similar programmes. Some of the important programmes include Inter-State Youth Exchange Programmes and National Youth Award etc. Also, there are organized National Integration Camps and National Youth Festival for the people. All these programmes focus on promoting communal integrity among the people belonging to different communities but living in the same region or nation.

We, the Indians, remember Indira Gandhi her great works and pay him homage in front of his statues or images. People and children, especially students, deliver a speech on her and also on integration in the public gathering. Some strong followers of Indira Gandhi distribute sweets among the people.

Since Indira Gandhi was a political personality from Indian National Congress, people of Congress party start the day by cutting a cake and hugging each other. By this, they celebrate the day as the birthday of their leader. They also pledge to support and promote unity and integrity with peace and prosperity.

Objectives and Significance of National Integration Day

The National Integration Day is as important as is the integrity for us. There are various programmes and events are scheduled on National Integration Day. Through these programmes, the children get a chance to show their ability to the world. They are also rewarded as per their performances which inspires them to do much better in their respective fields.

All the programmes and events on the day remain focused on promoting national integrity. Through the programmes, people get a chance to know the value of integrity in their life. They also work on promoting it so that the nation can stand on the platform of unity and integrity.

The National Integration Day is an important event of the year for those people who follow the great Indian leader Late Indira Gandhi. They celebrate the day on a grand level in her honour. They decorate the statues of Indira Gandhi and arrange a public gathering there. There they discuss the works done by her and plan for the growth of their society, city, state, and the nation. Children in schools are told about the glorious past of their nation so that they inspire to be great human beings and work for social welfare.

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Meaning of National Integration

National integration is a very broad term. Before understanding the meaning of national integration, we should know the meaning of integration.

The word ‘Integration’ stands for oneness among the people that can never be broken. It is important when we talk about a group of people with huge diversities in thoughts, beliefs, and actions. With a sense of integration, they become able to think and act in the same way and for the welfare of all.

The national integration is the promoting integrity among the people of a nation. Since the citizens of a nation bear different customs, traditions, religions, and other diversities, it is common for arising conflict among them. By maintaining national integration, we can reduce these conflicts to the lowest and the nation will lead to the path of sustainable growth.

Need of National Integration in India

By the term of population, India is the second-largest country in the world. It is the only country in the world with people belonging to the vast number of religions. Some important religions in India are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Zoroastrian. Because they all have their separate cultures, traditions, languages, and beliefs, it is important to tie them together in a single knot.

The national integrity is the only tool that can bind and hold all of them together. With the power of integrity, India is carrying its legacy since ancient times. Despite their different cultures and civilizations, the people of different religions are living in India with peace and brotherhood. It is the power of national integration that India is leading to the path of development, even with the lack of natural resources. The ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the speciality of India which can be maintained through the national integration.

Diversities of Indian culture are its beauty while national integration is its identity lasting for a long time. India gets power and motivation to keep growing from it and will always support national integration because every religion here is equal in value and respect.

Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration

After the death of Indira Gandhi in 1984, the Government of India constituted an award namely ‘Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration’ in 1985. It is a tribute to the great Indian leader and the former Prime Minister of India Late Indira Gandhi. The National Integration Award is given to those people who contribute to maintaining and promoting integrity among people on the national level.

The Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration is given on the 31st of October every year. There is a committee constituted for the nomination of the award. Under this award, the conferee gets a citation and prize money worth 5 Lakh. The recipient of the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration was Chandi Prasad Bhatt who is an environmentalist and social activist.

National Integration Council

The National Integration Council was set up in the year 1961. It consists of some prominent personalities of India, some Bollywood celebrities, politicians, and the prime minister of India. The council keeps its eye on the problems originated from the disputes among the people belonging to different castes, religions, communities, and regions, etc.

The National Integration Council was formed by the Government of then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The authority had established it seeing the need for national integration in India.


National Integration is the most essential factor for the growth of a nation. It can be maintained only by the people themselves. There is nothing more important than mutual love, care, and brotherhood among people for a nation that can lead to the peaceful development of the country. It is national integration that can provide us with a safe happy life a healthy future for our next generation.

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