National Doctors Day

A doctor is said as a noble profession. Their role in our society is the most important. They are meant to be respected. For paying respect towards their contribution to the medical care world, we celebrate National Doctors Day every year.

National Doctors Day 2020

National Doctors Day 2020 will be celebrated on 1st July, Wednesday. The theme of the National Doctors Day 2020 is not yet declared. The respect for Doctors among society will be commemorated by the celebration events on 1st July 2020.

Brief History

National Doctors Day is celebrated on the 1st of July yearly. It is marked as the birth and death anniversary of Doctor Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was born on 1st July 1882 to well-educated parents. He was a well-known Physician, Second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Philanthropist, and also a part of the Civil-Disobedience Movement against the British Government.

He took his last breath on 1st July 1962. He is remembered for his great contribution to the Medical Society of India because he charged very less on his patients. He was rewarded by the Prestigious Bharat Ratna Award in the year 1961. For passing his legacy to generations, the Government of India established his birth and death anniversary as National Doctors Day in the year 1991.

Worldwide observance of Doctors Day

Doctors should be respected. Almost in every country around the globe, National Doctors Day is celebrated on different-different dates. In Australia, 30 March has been officially declared as National Doctors Day. In Kuwait, National Doctors Day is celebrated on the 3rd of March. The observance of the celebration of National Doctors Day is almost in every country.

The motive behind observing such an auspicious event is to honor the Medical warriors of our society. First Doctors Day was celebrated in Georgia on 28th March 1933. Similarly, people throw parties and prize distribution events around the globe on the evening of National Doctors Day.

How it is Celebrated in India?

Annually National Doctors Day is observed on 1st July in India. It is dedicated to the true warriors of our nation. Their contribution to our society should be respected by all. National Doctors Day is celebrated mostly by the medical authorities. The celebration events of National Doctors Day are observed from 1991. Let’s have a look at the series of events that are observed on the eve of National Doctors Day in India:

  • Blood Donation Camps: On the eve of National Doctors Day, various Hospitals, Clinics, and health care centres organize Blood Donation Camps.
  • Free Health Check-up Camps: In various Hospitals and Clubs Free Healthcare Camps are organized. In Rural Area special 2-3 days camps are organized by the hospitals or nearby healthcare centres.
  • Seminars and Symposium Events: On the eve of National Doctors Day, Hospitals and Medical Institutes organize Seminars and symposiums. These meet-ups are focused on the current scenario of the Medical field in our society.
  • Prize Distribution Ceremonies: Many organizations honour the doctors for their contribution to our society.
  • Lunch-On Parties for Medicos: In various hospitals, the medical staff organizes lunch-on parties for Medicos.
  • Other Events: In Kolkata, the Doctors Rotary Club organizes a grand celebration in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Various Government and Non-Government organizations honor the doctors by giving them a prize.

More Activities to Do

Doctors are the saviours of our society. They take care of our well-being, and they are meant to be respected by all. Here are few ideas for celebrating the National Doctors Day and praising them for their day-night efforts for treating a patient:

We can thank them by sending them a small token of a gift like Thank You Cards.

  • One can participate in Health care camps by taking an initiative as a volunteer at the event.
  • Joining in a rural Healthcare programme as an active member of the campaign.
  • Aware yourself and others for not disgracing the image of doctors.
  • Reading the efforts of doctors during Wartime or an epidemic.
  • Maintaining the Decorum of clinics and Hospitals is also one of the important gestures to respect the medicos.

National Doctors Day Theme

Every year, National Doctors Day is commemorated with a special theme. This theme is decided by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) yearly. In the year 2019, National Doctors Day was celebrated with the theme “Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment”. It was based on the rising violence against doctors and medical facilities; the theme was an appeal to restrain such acts on Doctors.

Sadly, such events are still part of our society; they only aim to disgrace the image of our medical warriors. These acts should be punished by the government.

Objective & Significance

National Doctors Day is celebrated for marking the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. His role in Medical Society is remarkable and memorable for all Indians. The significance of Doctors Day is not only to honour the doctors, but it’s a tribute to our society towards doctors. Doctors’ Day is as important as other national events. In our society, doctors are treated as equivalent to god. They are the gems of humanity. When a country is suffering from any kind of epidemic or pandemic, then doctors are solely taking the responsibility of treating sick.

Around the globe, almost every nation has a day dedicated to doctors. The dates across the world may vary, but the respect for doctors is shared by all equally. For saluting the noble profession in our society, we celebrate National Doctors Day yearly. They risk their lives for saving others’ life. The chances of getting exposed by the diseases and viruses, but irrespective of the fact they perform their duty well.

Voice of Youths/Our Duties towards Doctors

Though doctors do a lot to keep us healthy, there are few things that we can do for them.

  • We should never forget thanking them after every meeting.
  • We can buy and gift them some useful medical instruments that they don’t have.
  • We can assist them as volunteers if they are running a camp because it would be a great honour to work with and for a doctor.
  • We can help them in keeping their clinic and surroundings clean.
  • We can also promote their campaign that they are running or are about to run.


Doctors are a crucial part of our society. They work for saving others’ life. Their 24×7 devotion towards their work is meant to be appreciated. The mortality rate of a country is sometimes checked on the basis of a country’s health facilities. National Doctors Day is an initiative to praise the doctors of our society and aware of people to pat respect the medicos.