National Flag Adoption Day

Every nation in the world has its specific flag, which represents itself. The flag is a symbol of the nation to be respected by its citizen. The Indian flag has three colours Saffron, white, and green, and that is why it is called the ‘Tiranga’. In order to respect our national flag, we celebrate the National Flag Adoption Day on 22 July every year. It is a national event to be celebrated all over India on the same day.

National Flag Adoption Day 2022

The National Flag Adoption Day in the year 2022 was on Friday of the week. All Indians eagerly wait for this day, but due to the outbreak of Coronavirus from the beginning of the year, this day may not be celebrated on a very large scale. However, people’s love for the country and enthusiasm for National Flag Adoption Day will never diminish whatever be the situation. We were, we are, and we always will be proud of our national flag.

Brief History

It is well known that the British Government has ruled over India for a long time. India has suffered a lot during this period, so gaining Independence on 15 August 1947 became like a festival for all of us.

After the declaration of Indian Independence, there was an Indian flag proposed by a freedom fighter Pingali Venkayya. This flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22 July 1947, 24 days prior to the Independence of India. The then adopted national flag of India was much different than the present one. It was later modified and renamed ‘Tiranga’.

Since it was the first time India had got its national flag, we started celebrating it as the ‘National Flag Adoption Day’ starting from the year 1947. It is a great day of honor for all of us, and because it is a matter of pride of India, we should celebrate it all together. The way we celebrate it tells us how much we have respect for our nation.

Ways to Observe the Event/What Activities We Do

The National Flag Adoption Day is celebrated on 22nd July of the year. It is celebrated all over India, and people of different communities celebrate it in a different way. There are some activities common all over India and performed by the people of all religions and communities.

The great enthusiasm among people for celebrating the event can be seen easily on the day. In the morning, they hoist the national flag and sing the national anthem together. Singing the national anthem fills us with a sense of nationalism. Also, there is conducted flag march after the flag hoisting to make the celebration grand.

Various organizations, institutions, etc. perform these at the same time as decided by the authority or the government. The centre of the grandest celebration of the event remains schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. Children here perform many activities like singing, dancing, acting, drama, etc. Most of these programmes portray the importance of Flag Adoption Day for all of us.

Apart from these cultural activities, the Institutions and organizations also conduct quizzes, essays, painting, or other competitions for the students and children. They are awarded on the basis of their performances. On the occasion of National Flag Adoption Day, we can hear patriotic songs playing everywhere, on the Radios, Televisions and patriotic movies are also broadcast on Television.

The political leaders and activists address the people on the day and tell them the value of nationality for all of us. They hoist the national flag and also remember people of their duty towards the national flag and the nation itself.

National Flag Adoption Day

Objectives and Significance of Flag Adoption Day

The National Flag Adoption Day is an event of national interest. This is the reason for making it a celebration all over India, whether in rural or urban populations. The National Flag Adoption Day is a day to make people realize the value of our national flag and teach them to respect it the most. The event is also celebrated to make youth aware of the glorious past of the nation and understand the importance of freedom and liberty. One of the most important objectives of the day is to dedicate a day from our life to the nation so that we can value our cultural diversity and prosperity.

The National Flag Adoption Day is a very significant event for all of us. Since it is celebrated all over India on the same day, the fragrance of nationality and patriotism is obvious to flow in the air. Because India is rich in the people of different communities, religions, and castes, etc., they show respect for their flag in their specific way different from the others. Even they celebrate the day together, it is the best day when we can see brotherhood among all the Indians, forgetting their religion and remembering only their nationality.

75 Years of the National Flag Adoption Day

We have gone through around 75 years of celebrating National Flag Adoption Day. In this period, the nation has gone through many changes, and our national flag has also experienced these changes. The first prepared national flag was much different than the one in the present that we have, and that was adopted by the constituent assembly on 22 July 1947.

The Indian Government made many laws in favour of the Indian National Flag. The Indian Flag should contain three colours Saffron, White and Green in the form of rectangular strips sequentially from the top to bottom. The white stripe in the middle contains a blue wheel with 24 spokes.

The government has declared that the national flag should be made of Khadi or cotton only. The flag should be posted high and should always be respected. It is a strong instruction of the Indian government that the Indian flag should never be bowed down. A damaged or torn flag is prohibited to hoist, and we can’t hoist the flag after sunset or before sunrise. Many similar protocols are made for the Indian Flag in these years, and as an Indian, we all should follow them with complete respect and reverence.

Our Responsibility towards the National Flag and the Flag Adoption Day/Suggestions for Better Awareness

The flag of any country is a symbol of that country, and the honour of that flag is equal to the honour of the nation itself. Our flag should be the most honorable for us. It is not the identity of our country only but also ours too. We must strictly follow all the instructions made for the flag. It is not only law for us but also a duty for all of us. It should be taken care that our flag should not fall on the ground, even by mistake, and if we find any fallen flag, it should be immediately picked up and put in a clean place.

It is very important for us to have complete information about the features of our national flag ‘Tiranga’. We should be taught about its history and code of conduct in the schools. As responsible citizens, we should spread right, correct, and accurate information about our flag as much as possible. On the occasion of the National Flag Adoption Day, we can spread the knowledge among children by sharing the story of great freedom fighters and the Indian heroes with them. It won’t fill them with a sense of nationality only but also will make them understand the value of our flag and the other national symbols.


The National Flag Adoption Day is a great day of honour for all of us. We are blessed to be a citizen of such a great nation that shares such a glorious and prosperous story behind it. The National Flag Adoption Day has made the nation believe that our flag is not just a national symbol but a true definition of our nationality and cultures. We can’t respect our nation until we respect our national flag and other national symbols.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When the National Flag of India was first adopted?

Ans. The national flag of India was first adopted on 22 July 1947.

Q.2 What are the occasion on which flag of India is hoisted?

Ans. On the occasion of Independence Day and Republic Day the flag is hoisted.

Q.3 Who hoists the flag on Independence Day at Red Fort?

Ans. The Prime Minister hoists the National Flag on Independence Day at Red Fort.

Q.4 Which National Flag Adoption Day was celebrated in the year 2022?

Ans. 76th National Flag Adoption Day was celebrated in the year 2022.