Paragraph on How I Spent the Lockdown Period

Global pandemic COVID-19 made us quarantine our lives in our home. After the announcement of Lockdown, we got much time to spend with our family. The lockdown period was not much gloomy and disappointing as I have thought earlier. I developed so many new hobbies during this lockdown phase. Here I have discussed some of the activities during the lockdown period. Kindly read the paragraphs mentioned in the below section.

Short and Long Paragraphs on What I did during Lockdown

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

The global outbreak of deadly COVID-19 has locked up our lives at the home. We all were left with the option of staying home and maintaining social distancing only. The global pandemic Coronavirus showing its worst phase across the globe, yet there is no vaccine discovered to treat the disease.

As the Lockdown was started, firstly I cleaned up my home and sanitized the floors, garden, entrance, and all other areas. It took almost three days to fully sanitize and disinfecting the home. I followed the social distancing protocols strictly, whenever I went outside to groceries I wore a mask and maintained a distance with other people.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

As the Lockdown period started, the news channels were flooded with global and national news of the infected ones. I watched the News every day to keep myself updated and connected to the world. It was very important to keep my dear ones updated and aware of the deadly virus infection.

The news about the essential service workers and their devotion towards our country in the time of crisis was giving a ray of hope. Being at home and surrounded by family was one of the best ever time I have ever spent. During the lockdown, I developed a habit of Yoga practice in the morning. I fed the stray dogs and cows, during the lockdown. As the roads were silent only a few animals like dogs, cows were seen roaming, I developed a habit of feeding them on a daily basis.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Lockdown taught me so many things. One of the major things I learned from lockdown, that being at home is not that much boring that I have thought before. During this lockdown, I developed a good taste of reading. I went straight to my book stack and picked one of the Non- fiction novels by Robin Sharma. The content was very good and relatable to the contemporary world. I seriously enjoyed the reading. I installed so many Yoga Videos and Online Television platforms for watching movies and series.

During Lockdown, the heartbreaking news of poor people was continuing to flashing in the news. I contacted local NGOs and involved my hands in relief works. I provided groceries to them. They handed me a list and I ordered the groceries and provided them. The NGO people worked for the Rickshaw pullers, street vendors, and other marginalized people near our location.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

During Lockdown, I prepared my daily timetable and followed it strictly. I developed a habit of rising early and spending some time in nature with my parents. Early Morning Yoga Practice is the best way to keep us fit during this lockdown. I tried my hands in cooking. It was not a new experience for me but trying every day new recipes from YouTube and other social sites were also one of the hobbies I developed during this lockdown period.

I also rearranged my home in a new way. Home decor is the best leisure activity one could include. I watched so many home décor videos and tried to give a new look to my traditionally built home. I also engaged myself in gardening and watering the plants. During the lockdown period, I cleaned the garden area myself, rearranged old plants in the array. Gardening is such an engaging activity one can never bore of it.

I called my old school buddies and remembered school days. It was as a routine to make video calls to my long distant friends and chit chat with them. I also developed a habit of playing badminton on a regular basis. These small home activities were enough for spending the quarantine period.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

When you have to stay at home for more than a month. You have to find some engaging activities on the walls of your home only. Here I have discussed some of the activities that I did during the lockdown period:

Spending Quality Time with Family: Due to our busy schedule, we always said that we don’t get much time for family. But, during this lockdown phase, we got plenty of time to be with our near dear ones. It is the best part of this lockdown; all the members are under one roof and supporting each other during this global pandemic period.

Fitness Activities: I decided that I will earn some good health during this lockdown. I downloaded so many videos of workout and made a habit of regular exercise.

Photography: I have a keen interest in photography, during this lockdown; I downloaded some of the editing apps and clicked so many photos of my garden and other creative photography.

Certificate Courses and Webinar: I attended some of the Online Webinars and Certificate courses. These courses helped to reduce the habit of unnecessary scrolling of social sites.

Cooking: It is the best way to reduce boredom. So, I spent most of the time in cooking and sometimes in experimental cooking too. Funny fact is that cooking was the only option left for foodies during the lockdown.

Reading and Writing: Reading fiction and non-fiction stories and novels were also part of my routine during the lockdown. Sometimes I also tried my hands into poetry and other short writing pieces.

Feeding Animals: Feeding stray animals was also part of a routine. For birds and squirrels, I regularly put some grains and water in my garden and balcony.

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