Paragraph on How I Spent the Lockdown Period

Global pandemic COVID-19 quarantine our lives at home. After the announcement of Lockdown, we got much time to spend time with our family. The lockdown period was not much gloomy and disappointing as I thought it would be. I developed so many new hobbies during this lockdown. Here I have discussed some of my lockdown activities.

Short and Long Paragraphs on What I did during Lockdown

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

As the Lockdown period started, the news channels were flooded with global and national news of the infected ones. I watched the News every day to keep myself updated and connected to the world. It was very important to keep my dear ones updated and aware of the deadly virus infection.

The news about the essential service workers and their devotion towards our country in a time of crisis was giving a ray of hope. Being at home and surrounded by all family members was one of the best times I have ever spent. During the lockdown, I developed a habit of Yoga in the morning. I fed stray dogs and cows. As the roads were silent only a few animals like dogs, cows were seen roaming, I developed a habit of feeding them on a daily basis.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

The global pandemic Coronavirus was showing its worst phase across the globe, and there was an announcement of Lockdown in India. It was announced to control this deadly virus. All of us were at home and did various activities to spend our time in this lockdown.

I never get time to clean my bookshelf and some of my other belongings. I painted my bookshelf as per my room color and managed my books neatly. Now everything looks matching and I always wanted this kind of room. I also learned some gardening tricks from my grandfather and enjoyed my evening in planting trees and nurturing them. It was time to stay at home without any ground activity but I use to play badminton in my garden. I also had my online classes and in the remaining time, I use to dance, play, and spend time with my grandparents. I really enjoyed their company.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Lockdown taught me so many things. One of the major things I learned from lockdown, that being at home is not as boring as I thought it could be. During this lockdown, I developed a good taste of reading. I went straight to my book stack and picked one of the Non- fiction novels by Robin Sharma. The content was very good and relatable to the contemporary world. I installed so many Yoga Videos and Online Television platforms for watching movies and series.

Apart from my personal stuff I also use to spend an hour in a nearby NGO. they use to cook for the poor and tried all their best to provide groceries and fulfilled all of their requirement. I helped them by working on online portals and provided information about needy people. Actually, I use to post it on my social media, and people used to send me the address of the poor people around them and we use to visit that place and helped people.

We helped Rickshaw pullers, street vendors, beggars, and other marginalized people around us. It was really a good experience to be its part of. Really it feels amazing while helping others and I have thought of continuing this work even after lockdown and now I will help others with my pocket money.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

During Lockdown, I developed a habit of rising early and spending some time with nature. Early morning yoga practice was one of the best ways to keep myself fit during this corona period. I also tried my hand at cooking, it was not a new experience for me but trying every day new recipes from YouTube and other social sites was also one of the hobbies I developed during this lockdown.

I also rearranged my home in a new way. Home decor is the best leisure activity one could include. I watched so many home decor videos and tried to give a new look to my traditionally built house. I also got engaged in gardening and watering plants. During the lockdown, I cleaned the garden area and rearranged all pots in the array. Now they really look systemized and amazing together.

I really missed my school days and friends during this lockdown. I played online Ludo with my friends and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Thanks to technology that rather than being apart we were able to have our online classes, we played and also had video chats.

Lockdown was special in many ways because it taught me the importance of school, friends, and freedom. Really, we are blessed to have whatever we want otherwise life is not so easy for everyone especially for the poor and daily wage workers. I felt sorry for them because I was financially not so capable of helping each and every one. Still, I and my family managed food and grocery for some of them.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

When you have to stay at home for more than a month, you have to find some engaging activities. Here I have discussed some of the activities that I did during the lockdown period:

Spending Quality Time with Family: Due to our busy schedule, we never stayed together for so long. It was a long time since all the family members together had our dinner or lunch at our dining table. It was the best part of this lockdown; all the members were under a roof and supporting each other during this global pandemic.

Fitness Activities: I decided to focus on my health and I downloaded so many workout videos and regularly followed them. I found many helpful apps that you can also find on the play store. These apps helped me a lot and also use to alarm the entire day to drink water.

Photography: I have a keen interest in photography, and I polished this skill during lockdown; I downloaded some of the editing apps and clicked many photos, and edited them. I also learned new capturing and editing technics on YouTube.

Certificate Courses and Webinar: I attended some of the Online Webinars and a certificate computer course. These courses helped to reduce the habit of unnecessary scrolling of social sites and I learned some new technics like Mail merge, Powerpoint, etc. and they are amazing.

Cooking: It is the best way to reduce boredom. So, I spent most of the time in cooking and I tried new recipes. I learned some smart tricks that I never knew before and really my mother is a genius because she knows many tricks.

Reading and Writing: Reading fiction and non-fiction stories and novels were also part of my routine during the lockdown. Sometimes I also tried my hands at poetry.

Feeding Animals: I regularly kept some food and water in my garden for stray animals, birds, squirrels, etc. They use to party there and it was very satisfying to see these animals so happy.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What was the biggest show watched during Lockdown in India?

Ans. In India, the biggest show watched was the Ramayana.

Q2. What activities can be done in a lockdown?

Ans. We can watch shows, read books and learn new things in a lockdown.

Q3. How can we keep ourselves fit during a lockdown?

Ans. In Lockdown, we can keep ourselves fit by exercising and meditating daily.

Q4. What are the most loved Web-Series watched during Lockdown?

Ans. Money Heist and Asur were the most loved Web Series watched during the lockdown.