Sadbhavana Divas

The Sadbhavana Divas, or also called the Harmony Day (Samrasta Divas), is an important event in the Indian Calendar. It is celebrated on the 20th of August every year. This day is dedicated to spreading peace, harmony, and brotherhood among the people of different communities, religions, groups, and regions.

It is observed in the entire nation as it is a celebration of not one or two states but the whole of India. The ‘Sadbhavana’ is a Hindi word which means having good faith and feeling for someone other than our family. The Sadbhavana Divas works on the same concept.

Sadbhavana Divas 2020

The Sadbhavana Divas in the year 2020 is falling on Thursday. It would be interesting to see how the nation is going to celebrate the 75th Sadbhavana Divas. It would be an honour for all of us to be a part of the 75thbirth anniversary of such a great a politician of India, Rajiv Gandhi.

Brief History

Sadbhavana Divas is celebrated on 20 August as the birth anniversary of the former Prime Minister of India Late Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was born on 20 August 1944 to Indira Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi. His mother Indira Gandhi was the first female Prime Minister of India. After he died in 1991, the Indian National Congress decided to celebrate his birth anniversary every year as the ‘Sadbhavana Divas’. Since then, the event is being celebrated across the world on the day of his birth every year.

Ways of Celebration/Activities

The Sadbhavana Divas is a national event of India which the entire nation celebrates together on the same day. On this day, the statues of Late Rajiv Gandhi across India are decorated well with flowers and garlands. The nearby people gather at these statues and pay homage to their dearest former Prime Minister. Some local politicians and notable personalities also reach their and deliver some speeches telling the eminence of Late Rajiv Gandhi.

Different types of cultural events and competitions are held in different parts of the nation. Children perform various arts and skills and try to please the audience. Various cleanliness and plantation campaigns are also organized by some organizations and institutions for the children. In most of the places, the Sadbhavana Divas is dedicated to the improvement in the environment.

This is a very special day for the people belonging to the Indian National Congress Party. They start their day by cutting a cake in memory of their great leader and pay homage. A large group of people also reaches ‘Veer Bhumi’ where Rajiv Gandhi was taken after his death.

Also, various rallies are organized by schools and colleges to make people participate in having peace and harmony and live with brotherhood. The people also take a pledge on the day to never spread hatred and have enmity.

Objectives and Significances

India is such a country where people from different religions, communities, and beliefs live together. Since they belong to different backgrounds, they must have diverse opinions on a matter. In such a situation mutual peace, harmony, and helpfulness are very important to make the nation strong.

The Sadbhavana Divas shares only one objective. The reason behind celebrating it is to make the citizens of India united and live happily. Despite their diverse cultures, they should remember to be an Indian by birth and soul. This something that binds us together and Sadbhavana Divas memorizes us it.

On Sadbhavana Divas, the entire nation forgets the mutual difference and unites to remember the young ever Prime Minister of India Late Rajiv Gandhi. On this day, we recall the great works of the greatest leader of India and take inspiration from him to have a peaceful life. Sadbhavana Divas is like an advantage for those who want to make a good relationship with their neighbours and other people forgetting the differences of religion or other.

On the 69th anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, a Sadbhavana Cycle rally was taken out in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Its front was handled by Congress leader Loknath Marathi. Prominent members of the Congress party joined the rally and other functions of the day.

Our Contributions to Sadbhavana Divas

The Sadbhavana Divas is an event for every citizen of the nation. As a part of this population, we also can contribute to make India a peaceful nation. As a youth, we have proper resources and adequate energy to share the messages of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi had always dreamt of making India a developed nation. It is our responsibility to make his dream true.

At least, we can guide our younger to never take the path of violence for any reason. Living with peace and respect for each other would fetch us a mutual satisfaction and brotherhood. We can also pledge to never spread enmity and always believe in the power of unity. We can also launch social media campaigns to make people have mutual good faith.

Sadbhavana Divas Pledge

On the occasion of the Sadbhavana Divas, every Indian takes a pledge. It is not mandatory for all, but those who want to have it can take it. The pledge is as follows:

“I take this solemn pledge that I will work for the emotional unity and goodwill of all people of India irrespective of caste, region, religion, and language. And I swear that without violence, through constitutional means and negotiation, I will definitely eliminate the distance between each other.”

Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award

The All India Congress Committee institutes the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award in the year 1992, on the occasion of Sadbhavana Divas. In memory of Rajiv Gandhi, this award is given to those Indians who have contributed in spreading social harmony and peace among people. Under the award system, the nominee gets Rs 10 lakh cash prize and a citation. The Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award is distributed every year on the occasion of Sadbhavana Divas.


Sadbhavana Divas or National Harmony Day is an important event that we all should take participation in. Rajiv Gandhi was a young leader of India, and he was always focused on the growth of the youth of the nation. We can make India of his dream by celebrating Sadbhavana Divas on a grand level. Also, we should pledge to maintain peace and harmony, at least, in our society.