Organ Donation Day

The Organ Donation Day or World Organ Donation Day falls every year on the 13th of August. It is a very auspicious day dedicated to the great act of organ donation. Since donating the organ after death is considered to be a very noble act of kindness, we celebrate it as an occasion on the 13th day of August globally.

Organ Donation Day 2020

In the year 2020, the World Organ Donation Day will be falling on Thursday. It would be a great honour for all of us to celebrate it on the day as it is not just an event but an act through which we can save the precious lives of others. There is no theme yet decided for the Organ Donation Day in the year 2020.

Ways of Celebration/Activities

Organ Donation Day is a very important day to be celebrated all around the world. There are many ways through which people celebrate it. It is a very important day in medical science and a very humanely day for the people who wish to donate their organs.

Many hospitals and other medical institutions organize an organ donation awareness campaigns on the day where they make people aware of the benefits of organ donation. They also motivate people to take part in such philanthropic work. Their people pledge to donate their body parts to them who need it urgently. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India especially celebrate the day to make people contribute to donating their organs to help others.

Even many organizations plan a marathon based on the Organ Donation Theme as a mass movement, especially involving children. Some educational institutions arrange speech competitions on Organ Donation to check the awareness among people and influence people through them. The children are also awarded based on their performances.

Objective and Significance

Undoubtedly, the Organ Donation Day is a very important event of the calendar. This is the reason why it is celebrated on such a grand level and in every part of the world, though the dates may differ in some nations.

The objective of celebrating Organ Donation Day is to motivate people to donate their organs so that a man with the need for them can have a healthy and happy life. Organ Donation is a noble act of kindness. On the Organ Donation Day, the entire world together focuses on organ donation so those who don’t have any information about organ donation or are running of lack of information can have proper information about it and can go for it too.

There are misconceptions about organ donation among people, especially those of the Indian rural population, so it is the best day to clear their all doubts and tell them the benefits of organ donation.

Organ Donation is such a step that can keep us alive even after our death, in the body of the others. After our death, our body is either burnt in a fire or buried somewhere, and our healthy organ gets decay after some time. By donating it to others, we can save the other’s life.

Many parts of the body like Corneas, Tissue, heart, kidney, lungs, liver, etc. remain healthy and appropriate to use even after hours of death. On Organ Donation Day, we can tell people the methods and benefits of organ donation. Also, this is the day when an organ donor can meet a needy of that organ, and they can form a good relationship.

Our Duties on Organ Donation Day

Organ Donation Day is for all. We all contribute equally to making it successful by reaching every individual in the world. There are many of us who don’t have enough information about organ donation. The first and foremost thing for us on Organ Donation Day is that we should read about it and gather as much true information about organ donation as possible.

For those who have gathered enough information about the organ donation and know a lot can share this information with others who need it. For it, we can use online and offline, both the modes. Whatever is the method, we should share only authentic and verified information as sharing false information may be dangerous for others.

We all should also be an organ donor, and donate most or all of our body parts. Motivating others towards organ donation can make society a better place to live. We can gather children and women and tell them about the benefits of organ donation. Since these are the foundation of society so they can influence a large group of people to donate their body parts after their death.

Need of This Event

When we read about the Organ Donation Day, we think if we needed this occasion in our calendar? What may be the reason for having an Organ Donation Day?

As of the data released in March 2020, more than 1 lakh people only in India are waiting for an organ to be transplanted. These people are just waiting because there is no required organ available to them. It is because of the lack of awareness among people regarding organ donation. Even more shocking is that around 20 people in India five lakh people around the world die every day in lack of the needed organ transplant. Is not it a terrible situation for us? This waiting list is continuously increasing, bringing a more serious situation every moment.

This problem can be removed easily by every individual of the nation pledge to donate his body parts after his death. A healthy man can donate up to eight organs of his body. It means that a healthy organ donor can save eight lives after his death. This line is enough to tell you the importance of organ donation, and perhaps this is the biggest reason why we needed an Organ Donation Day so badly.

Who Can Donate Organs?

Every individual is able to donate his organ. There is no restriction of age, caste, colour, religion, or anything else. The only requirement is that the donor should be healthy. Any person who has attained the age of 18 can go for organ donation, while someone with an age of less than 18 can also opt for organ donation after the consent of his/her parents.

As we read that a healthy person can donate eight or more body parts, so for donating an organ, it is very important for one to be physically fit and healthy. His body parts should be active.

How one can be an Organ Donor?

As per the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, two ways are highlighted for organ donations:

  1. When a person is Alive: A person can pledge to become an organ donor. For this purpose, he has to fill-up the form and after getting the “Donor Card” he can be said as the organ donor.
  2. After the Death of Individual: In this way of organ donation the concerned family members of the donor can claim his/ her organ for donation.

Organ Donation Registration Websites and Organization:

  • NOTTO: National Organ and Tissue transplant Organization is an Indian organization working under the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Family and Welfare, Government of India.
  • ROTTO: Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization are one of the biggest national-level organizations. It is successfully working in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Chandigarh.

Mohan Foundation, Gift Your Organization, Shatayu, Gift a Life, and many more NGOs are involved in Government campaigns for Organ donation and its value.


Organ Donation Day is not just a day but a mass movement campaign. With the help of available resources and facilities, we can donate our organs and make one’s life worth living. It is important to know and to tell others that organ donation is completely legal and free of cost. Apart from donating, we can also make people aware of the noble cause of organ donation. There are many online platforms where we can make organ donor and receiver meet, so we can also tell people about them.