10 Lines on International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated to establish good relations among people and help the poor segment of society by eradicating poverty.

Solidarity refers to the support of different people working together to achieve one common goal. Solidarity plays an important role in shaping the nation. If we all join our helping hand together then it will be easier to eradicate the poverty-stricken and underprivileged population from society. Let us talk about the observance of this day in detail.

Ten Lines on International Human Solidarity Day in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on International Human Solidarity Day in the form of sets. This topic will be helpful for students of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. However, it will also be useful for aspirants preparing for different competitive exams.

Set 1

1) Every year 20 December is observed as International Human Solidarity Day in the world.

2) On Thursday 22 December 2005, the International Human Solidarity Day (IHSD) was founded.

3) During the 2005 World Summit, the General Assembly accepted this celebration by resolution 60/209.

4) International Human Solidarity Day was formed as a part of the UN Millennium Declarations.

5) This day is observed to remind the government regarding its duties for the international agreements.

6) This day is celebrated to aware people regarding the importance of solidarity in society.

7) Various events like seminars, presentations, discussions, etc are organized on the occasion of IHSD.

8) New initiatives are encouraged and taken on this day to remove poverty.

9) This celebration is useful in establishing Sustainable Development Goals.

10) People celebrate this day by helping the poor and people with mental disorders.

Set 2

1) This day encourages people to organize debates and other events that could be helpful to eradicate poverty.

2) The celebration of this day brings people together by generating a psychological sense of unity among them.

3) Solidarity is considered as a fundamental value, responsible for good international relations.

4) The World Solidarity Fund, a trust fund, was founded on 20 December 2002, by the General Assembly.

5) Various social media sites, magazines, speeches, etc are responsible for promoting this day.

6) The main motive of this day is to constitute unity among people and remove poverty from society.

7) International human solidarity day is celebrated in different countries like the USA, Pakistan, India, Russia, China, turkey, etc.

8) Gender equality is marked as one of the main concerns of ISHD by the women of the UN.

9) This day is mainly observed by the United Nations with the motive, solidarity is the need to bind the people in the twenty-first century.

10)‘Unity in diversity is the center of IHSD, although it is not a theme-based celebration.


The logo of International Human Solidarity Day represents four humans with different colors, encompassing earth with their hands. This symbolizes unity in the world.

Solidarity and peace are important factors for the development of a country. One helping hand can change the life of someone. According to Malcolm X, “When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘We’, even the illness becomes wellness.”

I hope the above-given points on International Human Solidarity Day will be easily understood. So, let’s come together and help the needy people.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on International Human Solidarity Day

Q.1 Is International Human Solidarity Day a public holiday?

Ans No, International Human Solidarity Day is not a public holiday.

Q.2 Is Global Solidarity possible?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to achieve global solidarity if we all work together for society.