10 Lines on Army Medical Corps Establishment Day

As the name suggests, the Army Medical Corps Establishment Day is celebrated on the occasion of the founding day of the Army Medical Corps. The three Armed Forces of India are the Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Army. The Indian Army is the largest component of Indian armed forces that are responsible for protecting the nation, especially on the land. However, there is a need for medical support for the people of the army. This medical support is fulfilled by the Army Medical Corps. Today, we will discuss the history of the establishment of this day.

Ten Lines on Army Medical Corps Establishment Day in English

Here, I’m representing ten lines on Army Medical Corps Establishment Day in the form of sets. This topic will be useful for students of classes 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. It will also be beneficial for candidates preparing for different competitive exams.

Set 1

1) On Sunday 1 January 1764, the first army medical corps service was established.

2) This day is celebrated to commemorate the establishment of the Army Medical Corps.

3) Medical services were established to provide services to the army staff and their dependents.

4) On 3 April 1943 Saturday, the Indian Army Medical Corps (IAMC) came into existence.

5) The Bengal presidency medical service was the first Indian medical service.

6) The IMC completed its 257th anniversary in 2021.

7) ‘Sarve Santu Niramaya’ (may all be free from disease and disability) is the motto of the Army Medical Corps.

8) The Army Medical Corps is famous for its proficient medical staff and their contributions.

9) This day is celebrated by all the medical units of the Indian Army.

10) In order to commemorate the day, various events are organized by the personnel of the corps.

Set 2

1) The army medical corps is responsible for providing services in wars and missions.

2)It is also responsible for providing services during disasters and calamities in Jammu and Kashmir through operation ‘Sadbhavana’.

3) Indian Army Medical Corps was the combination of the Indian medical department (IMD), Indian Medical Services (IMS), and Indian Hospital Corps (IHC).

4) After independence, on 26 January 1950, the IAMC was re-designated as Army Medical Corps.

5)In 1949, the post of Director General Armed Forces Medical Services, as the head of all the three armed forces was created.

6) To increase the fighting power of the army during the world war, the Army Medical Corps was established.

7) The main aim of the army corps is to keep the army and people associated with them free from diseases.

8) Before 1912, only British surgeons and doctors were appointed for the medical services.

9) Bengal presidency was the first military service and center of the three different Indian presidencies military services.

10) In May 1943, the IHC headquarter of Poona became the administrative headquarter of the Indian Army Medical Corps.


When we talk about the security of our country, the first thing we recognize is the soldiers. They are ready to lose everything just to save the mother nation. but apart from the soldiers and armed forces, there are other members who stand with the soldiers that help them to win every battle. The contribution of the Army medical corps can not be neglected as they are responsible for curing the soldiers by providing different medical services.

I expect that the above-given points on Army Medical Corps Establishment Day will be helpful for you to know the various aspects of this topic.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Army Medical Corps Establishment Day

Q.1 Who was the first surgeon of the Indian Army?

Ans. On 24 Jan 1855, the first Indian Sarjoo Coomar Goodeve Chauckerbutty was appointed as assistant surgeon.

Q.2 What is the salary of the Army Medical Corps in India?

Ans. The average salary of the Army Medical Corps ranges between 7 to 16 lakhs.