10 Lines on World War Orphans Day

The World Day of War Orphans is celebrated to raise concern for the better future of the war orphans. Parents are everything in one’s life. They are responsible for raising us, fulfilling all the requirements, and doing everything beneficial for us.

But if we lose the precious support of our parents, life will become very difficult. The same thing is suffered by the war orphan children. Let’s have a look at this topic in detail.

Ten Lines on The World Day of War Orphans in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on World War Orphans Day in the form of sets. The language of these lines is kept simple for your fast and better understanding. This topic will be helpful for students preparing for various competitive exams. However, students of different classes can also use these points to enhance their knowledge.

Set 1

1) Every year on 6 January World War Orphans Day is observed in the world.

2) It is observed to generate awareness regarding orphan children due to war.

3) This day showcases the difficulties faced by the war orphaned children.

4) This day raises a voice regarding the unbearable physical and social conditions during the growth of the war orphans.

5) World War Orphan Day is organized to remember and support war orphans as people usually neglect them.

6) This day promotes the end of wars so that no more orphans are made.

7) SOS Enfants enDetresses (SOSEED), a French organization initiated the observance of this day.

8) This celebration was started to save the orphan from social and mental harassment and secure their future.

9) The main motive of this day is to bring ideas to support orphans on the global platform.

10) People can observe this day by donating for the welfare of the war orphans.

Set 2

1) The day has provided global communities with an opportunity to care for war orphans.

2) According to UNICEF, a person below 18 who lost one or both of his parents is considered an orphan.

3) Millions of children became orphans due to World War II.

4) In developed countries the number of war orphans is relatively less.

5) War orphans usually suffer from a lack of food, lack of shelter, or lack of proper education.

6) The observance of this day is necessary due to the increasing global humanitarian and social crisis.

7) As per the 2015 report, there are about 140 million war orphans globally.

8) The number of war orphans is quite high in the areas subjected to wars.

9) On this day, people also take pledges to support and help orphaned children.

10) This day aimed to stop the injustices to the war orphaned children.


Childhood is the age in which we enjoy everything without any fear and terror. It is the age when we are free from every responsibility. At this age facing the consequences of the war leaves orphans helpless. War orphans are the ones who have to suffer a lot without any mistakes. But it is the duty of every human to help orphan children in every possible way. Not only the war orphans, any orphan needs love, care, and support.

I hope the above-given points on World War Orphan Day will be helpful for you.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on World War Orphans Day

Q.1 Which is the biggest orphanage in India? 

Ans. Mata Kartar Kaur Bal Kalyan Niketan, Haryana is considered as the biggest orphanage in India.

Q.2 When World Orphan Day is celebrated?

Ans. The second Monday of every November is observed as World Orphan Day.