10 Lines on Hindi Divas

Hindi Divas is celebrated to give Hindi its due recognition and to ensure its use to save it from extinction. This is celebrated all over the globe to spread the simplicity of this language. Hindi is the national language of India but it is losing its glow and importance against foreign languages.

Hindi Divas is a way by which we can bring back the luster of the language and spread the importance of the language which helped to unite the country during the Indian independent movement and helped to defeat the much powerful British government.

Ten Lines on Hindi Divas in English

Following are the 10 lines on Hindi Divas which explains the origin, cause and importance of this day. You can use these lines to prepare an essay for your exams or to deliver a speech on the occasion of Hindi Divas in your schools, offices or local gatherings. These lines and facts given below will make your creativity unique, interesting and appealing. Please go through the below lines and incorporate them in your writing:

10 Lines on Hindi Divas - Set 1

1) Hindi Divas is celebrated on 14th September every Year.

2) Hindi written in Devnagari script was adopted as an official language by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 14th September 1949.

3) Mahatma Gandhi was the first to recommend Hindi as National language during Hindi Sahitya Sammelan in 1918.

4) Maithili Sharan Gupt and Seth Govind Das debated in Parliament advocating the use of Hindi as an official language.

5) English too got the status of an official language due to the opposition from non-Hindi speaking states.

6) An Official language week is celebrated, starting from the Hindi Divas.

7) Rajbhasa Gaurav Award given for original book writing in Hindi.

8) Official language award is given to the departments for exceptional efforts in implementing Hindi as their Official language.

9) Rajbhasa Kirti Puraskar Yojna is for publishing annual books in Hindi.

10) Hindi Development Forum is setup for the development of Hindi and its global promotion.

Hindi is the Mother tongue of Hindustan (India). The very idea of India is unimaginable without Hindi, which is also the third most spoken language in the World after English and Chinese. We must make persistent efforts for the development and use of Hindi.

The National Hindi Divas is celebrated on 14th September every year as on this same day in 1949 Hindi was adopted as the official language of India. We have also given below an additional set of 10 Lines on Hindi Divas which will enhance your thinking and in turn adding value to your writing. Make the use of these lines in paragraph recitation in the class or morning assembly discussion and take the applause of the audiences. Go through the below lines and make the better use of them:

10 Lines on Hindi Divas - Set 2

1) “Hindi Divas” is celebrated on the 14th September every year to mark the adoption and importance of Hindi as the official language of India.

2) Hindi is spoken by 250 million people around the globe.

3) It is the fourth most spoken language in the world.

4) The Island country Fiji had also adopted Hindi as its official language.

5) India has also started celebrating the “World Hindi Divas” on 10th January since 1975, every year to spread awareness for the language on the international platform.

6) It should be noted that the “National Hindi Divas” is celebrated on 14th September at national level and “World Hindi Divas “is celebrated on 10th January at internationally.

7) The first National Hindi Divas was celebrated on 14th September 1953 and the first World Hindi Divas was celebrated on 10th January 2006.

8) Apart from India, Hindi is spoken in the countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, America, Britain, Germany, New Zealand, UAE, Uganda, Guyana, Surinam, Trinidad, Mauritius, South Africa etc.

9) First time in the year 2017 Oxford Dictionary added Hindi words like ‘Accha’ ,’Bada Din’, ‘Bachcha’ and ‘Surya Namaskar’ in their dictionary.

10) The World Economic Forum included Hindi in the World’s 10 most powerful languages.

Hindi is the National language of our country. It was the language which had united our freedom fighters to fight against the British rule. Let us pledge together to spread the goodness and the simplicity of this language and try to use Hindi as much as we can and leave the dependency on the English language.