10 Lines on World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on 8th May to alleviate the suffering of people, protecting their life from natural disasters and epidemic diseases. World Red Cross Day inspires millions of people especially youths around the world to voluntarily take projects at an individual level in a community to make the difference in society in terms of promoting humanitarian activities across the world. World Red Cross Day empowers the local administration to provide an immediate response to the health disasters in a crisis situation.

Ten Lines on World Red Cross Day

Set 1

1) World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on 8th May to commemorate the principles of Red Cross and International Red Crescent movement.

2) It highlights the importance of volunteers who have dedicated their lives to help people in need.

3) The World Red Cross Day also marks the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant born on 8th May 1828 who was the founder of Red Cross.

4) International Red Cross Committee is a philanthropic organization founded in 1863 by Noble Laureate Henry Dunant.

5) The committee of Red Cross takes care of people who suffer adversities due to war and natural calamities like floods, fires and earthquake etc.

6) World Red Cross Day celebration inspires millions of NGOs to promote welfare programme for people in the society like blood donation.

7) Every year, the World Red Cross Day is celebrated around the globe with a theme in order to facilitate and promote humanitarian activities.

8) World Red Cross Day 2019 theme is ‘#love’.

9) World Red Cross Day celebration gives the opportunity to pay tribute to volunteers who support millions of people in times of conflict, natural disaster and crisis.

10) Nations around the globe organize various events like lectures, discussions, seminars, health checkups, anaemia camps to celebrate World Red Cross Day.

Set 2

1)  Community health programmes, interviews, talk shows on radio and television are being organized at the international level on World Red Cross Day.

2) International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies have a presence in more than 180 countries helping almost 240 million people across the globe.

3) Various types of logos, posters with media posts and messages in different languages are released by International Red Cross Societies.

4) World Red Cross Day celebration unites local administration especially government bodies with NGO to run welfare programmes in rural areas.

5) On World Red Cross Day, youths get the motivation to help people in emergencies like earthquakes, flood, cyclone and malaria outbreak.

6) World Red Cross Day celebration aims to alleviate the deadly and epidemic diseases including malaria, measles, AIDS etc.

7) The celebration provides a platform to organize welfare activities for people living in poor and vulnerable areas.

8) Campaigns are organized by NGOs to collect the money for funding the projects which save the lives of millions of people during war, battles, famine etc.

9) World Red Cross Day observance highlights the significant contribution of the Red Cross in providing relief to the humans from distress and misery.

10) The volunteers, youths, the general public participate in the events organized at various places in the world to celebrate World Red Cross Day.

Set 3

1) “World Red Cross Day” is celebrated every year on 8th May to commemorate the birthday of Jean Henry Dunant.

2) In 1901, he was the recipient of the first Nobel Prize for Peace.

3) He was the founder of the “International Red Cross Society” which saved many lives.

4) This organization helps the victims in emergencies such as war and natural disasters.

5) This institution has been helping the poor and helpless people for the last 150 years.

6) The Red Cross Society in India was established in 1920 according to the Parliamentary Act.

7) In the year 2019, its theme (theme) had been kept “Love”.

8) World Red Cross Day is also celebrated as International Volunteer Day.

9) The International Committee of the Red Cross and its members organize lots of programmes and events in order to encourage volunteers.

10) World Red Cross Day is celebrated by the people to alleviate people’s suffering, enhancing their dignity and protecting their lives from emergencies.

Set 4

1) World Red Cross Day is celebrated as a festival all over the world on 8th June every year.

2) The purpose of celebrating this day around the world is to promote the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and celebrate its happiness.

3) Blood donation camps are organized all over the world on this special day.

4) This day also provides an opportunity to provide voluntary medical services to society.

5) In Nigeria, this year in 2019 the Red Cross Society organizes a quiz competition to mark the day.

6) The theme of the quiz competition was “What do you know about the Red Cross and Red Crescent”.

7) The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the Red Cross Society.

8) On that occasion, an appeal was made to all the nations of the world to set up such voluntary organizations that take care of the sick and injured people.

9) This day is celebrated every year with a new theme so that people can be made aware of it.

10) On this day many such programs are organized around the world, in which people are helped.

World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year to create awareness among the public about the importance of selfless service in the society in times of calamities. Various medical camps are organized at places where people don’t have access to even primary medical facilities. Red Cross society has become the leader of the humanity service as it has 98 million unpaid volunteers around the globe who are voluntarily supporting people in need.

The government, civil communities and NGOs should work in collaboration in order to ensure the universal access of medical aid and welfare facilities in crisis situations like war, flood, earthquake and disease outbreak.

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