10 Lines on World Thalassemia Day

World Thalassemia Day is celebrated every year on 8th May to raise public awareness about the inherited blood disorder, thalassemia. The day is celebrated by organizing global campaigns through print and electronic media about the causes, prevention and treatment of thalassemia. Thalassemia is a curable disease and the person suffering from it can lead to quality life similar to normal healthy people with proper medical treatment. The day is celebrated by many health organizations around the world by conducting free health screening or check-up camps.

Ten Lines on World Thalassemia Day

Set 1

1) World Thalassemia Day is celebrated on 8th May every year to raise the awareness about the thalassemia disease.

2) Thalassemia is anaemic blood disorder caused due to insufficient or damaged haemoglobin.

3) World Thalassemia Day celebration helps in preventing the disease to spread worldwide by running global health awareness campaigns.

4) The day is global health awareness program focusing on thalassemia an inherited blood disorder.

5) Every year, government, NGOs and civil communities jointly hold awareness programme on thalassemia on the occasion of World Thalassemia Day.

6) 90 million people worldwide are suffering from beta-thalassemia.

7) Around 60000 individuals born globally every year inherit the thalassemia disease.

8) Some of the cures available for the treatment of thalassemia include blood transfusions, blood and bone marrow transplantation.

8) Every year, World Thalassemia Day is celebrated with the theme to highlight the harmful effects of inherited blood disorder worldwide.

9) World Thalassemia Day 2018 theme was “Thalassaemia Past, Present and Future- Documenting Progress and Patients’ Needs Worldwide”.

10) Nations around the globe organize various events like health check-up campaigns, discussions, seminars etc to celebrate World Thalassemia Day.

Set 2

1) World Thalassemia Day celebration stresses the importance of local and national health administration in treating thalassemia disease.

2) Photography contest, story and video challenge, documentary screenings are some of the activities which are planned on the occasion of World Thalassemia Day.

3) Science and medical advancement aided by technology have turned thalassemia from fatal disease to curable one across the globe.

4) World Thalassemia Day celebration motivates youth for blood donation in order to treat the people suffering from thalassemia.

5) Health sessions are organized in order to educate medical professional about their roles and responsibilities in handling thalassemia.

6) Thalassemia International Federation, a non profit NGO which has presence in 55 countries works for improving the quality of life and health of thalassemic patients.

7) The day is celebrated every year in order to make public aware about treatment of disorder by raising awareness through worldwide media campaign.

8) Various posters along with fact sheets about thalassemia are distributed in schools, education institutes, and civil communities on World Thalassemia Day.

9) Many events like awareness walk, question and answer session, presentation session with health experts mainly doctors are organised on World Thalassemia Day.

10) The school students, teachers, health experts, the general public participate in the event being organized at various places in country to celebrate World Thalassemia Day.

World Thalassemia Day is one of the famous health events celebrated every year in order to promote the global awareness about chronic inherited blood disorder of thalassemia. Every year approximately 1.5 percent of total global population is getting impacted by the inherited blood disorder called thalassemia. The government, civil communities and NGOs should work in collaboration in order to prevent and control the thalassemia so as to help the thalassemic patient.