10 Lines on Windows Operating System

Almost all of us own a desktop computer or a laptop and are well aware with most of its features. We know that a computer can’t work without an Operating System no matter which ever we are using. If you own a computer or going to buy one soon, you would know that the first thing to start a computer is to install an operating system in it. The most popular operating system for computer is ‘Windows Operating System’ and I bet that if you own a computer then it must have a version of ‘Windows Operating System’. It is time to read about some history of ‘Windows Operating System’ that we are going to discuss below.

Ten Lines on Windows Operating System in English

The first set of 10 lines on Windows Operating System below is a collection of some basic and important information of the popular operating system.

The set is created using a very easy language with few simple words to make it useful and comprehensible for the students of classes from 3rd to 7th as well as the students of higher classes.

The set is the combination of the relevant information and can its usefulness can be checked only after reading each point carefully.

10 Lines on Windows Operating System – Set 1

1) Windows Operating System is developed by American company ‘Microsoft Corporation’.

2) The parent company Microsoft introduced its operating system on 20th November 1985.

3) Windows’ operating systems are available for Computers, Phones, Tablets and Servers.

4) Windows Operating System for Desktops covers about 47% of market in Operating system globally.

5) The first Operating System from Microsoft was ‘MS-DOS’ built for desktops with IBM.

6) MS-DOS basically worked upon the typed commands of the user.

7) Launch of ‘Windows 1.0’ brought the facility of pointing and clicking for the user.

8) Windows has released 9 important versions desktop operating system since 1985.

9) The latest version of Windows is ‘Windows 10’ released publicly on 29th July 2015.

10) All the Windows Operating Systems are written in the language ‘C’ and ‘Assembly’ together.

Reading about Windows Operating System is useful for the reader that is why we have created the 2nd set of 10 lines on Windows Operating System and provided it below. The topic is quite informative and having some basic knowledge about it can help you in choosing the best operating system for you and can also help you with providing some useful information of your favourite operating system. So we will recommend you to read the set completely.

10 Lines on Windows Operating System – Set 2

1) Windows Operating System started its journey as a dominant with 90% market share soon after its launch.

2) In 2014, Microsoft Operating System for Phones was surpassed by Android Operating System.

3) Windows Server, the operating system for server computers, is still having a good share in the market.

4) ‘Windows XP’ by Microsoft Operating System was launched on 25th October 2001.

5) Windows version for ‘Xbox One’ from Windows Operating System is named ‘Xbox OS’.

6) Windows provides free updated security patches every month for its devices.

7) Windows Operating Systems come with pre-installed ‘Window Defender’ to avoid risks.

8) It is announced that by the developers that the ‘Windows 10’ is the last version of Windows Operating System.

9) ‘WinVer 1.4’, the first virus for Windows Operating System, was released in 1992.

10) The ‘Start Menu’ in Windows Operating System was introduced in Windows 95.

So we have now gathered enough information about Windows Operating System that can help us in preparing any project on the topic. Also we can now make an awesome presentation on the topic ‘Windows Operating System’ and present it to put a good impression on the people. It is obvious that the Windows Operating System has introduced many new features in the field of operating system and revolutionized the industry by the  changing the whole concept.