10 Lines on Snapchat

Snapchat doesn’t need to be introduced as it is one of the most popular applications among the present generation. Snapchat began in 2011 but it got so much popularity soon as if it has been launched much earlier. Snapchat was happily admired by the people and frequently launching of many cool features by the developers made people to fall in love with it. According to the present situation, the users of Snapchat are just users but they are addicted to it and it is obvious because the features that Snapchat provides are quite different from the other competitive platforms in the market. It is time now to read about some special details of Snapchat through the sets below.

Ten Lines on Snapchat in English

Here the first set 10 lines on Snapchat is provided below.

The set is very important and reading some information about the topic would be much fun.

The facts provided in the points below put some relevant data and statistics about the Snapchat and the readers can use some or all of these points in his/her project on the topic if he/she has any.

So let’s evaluate the set by reading each point.

10 Lines on Snapchat – Set 1

1) Snapchat is a popular multimedia messaging application developed by the ‘Snap Corporation’.

2) Snapchat was created by 3 Americans Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

3) It was later acquired by ‘Snap Inc.’ and was launched as Snapchat in September 2011.

4) User needs to create an account to use all of its amazing features.

5) User can click a photo or video and edit it to post as story on the account wall or send it to someone one Snapchat privately.

6) Also the uploaded content can be scheduled to be deleted within 10 seconds.

7) Variety of filters is available for user on Snapchat to make clicking photo much fun.

8) User can broadcast the photo as ‘Story’ and they will appear to his/her every single user.

9) On 29th October 2012, Snapchat launched its application for Android users.

10) On the logo of Snapchat, there appears a white ghost on yellow background, the ghost has name ‘Ghostface Chillah’.

Another set of 10 lines on Snapchat is created by us for the reader. The set is prepared with some additional data that can help reader to gain some other information on the topic. The use of easy language in creating the set will make it useful for the reader of both, lower classes as well as upper classes, and the set can easily be read and understood with all the points given. So let’s read the second set for more knowledge.

10 Lines on Snapchat – Set 2

1) Snapchat is mainly a photo and video based messaging application.

2) It was initially released on 8th July 2011 with the name ‘Picaboo’ for the iOS.

3) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion in November 2013 but was refused.

4) Google had also tried to buy Snapchat for $30 billion in May 2016 but was refused too.

5) Snapchat has a ‘Discover’ facility where user can join the different communities of their choice.

6) It was May 2015 when Snapchat hit its 100 million daily active users.

7) Snapchat was hacked on 31st December 2013 and hackers posted name and number of 4.6 million users on other website.

8) More than 7 billion pictures and videos are posted on Snapchat every day.

9) Snapchat has launched another application ‘Snapkidz’ for the children especially under 13.

10) Snapchat has maintained its position under top 10 global social networking platforms for a long time.

Now we hope that you must have gained some basic and grounded information about your favourite social networking application ‘Snapchat’. Using Snapchat is good for refreshing your mood especially right after you have just got rid of your daily stressful work. It is a fun way to share your experiences and also the feature the scheduling the time limit for your content to be appeared or your message to be seen by the receiver make it much secure and convenient application to use and indeed all these features have contributed equally to make the Snapchat most favourite application of every teenager.