10 Lines on Linux Operating System

You must have heard about Linux many times. Linux is a family of Operating Systems for various platforms most popularly for Desktop, Smart Phones and Super Computers. Although it is not as much popular as is Windows Operating System yet the professional developers rely on it due to its amazing security levels and unmatched performance. The Linux has maintained its position from the date of its institution and working best in its field. Linux has set a benchmark for other competing Operating Systems. Even the US Department of Defense works On Linux because of its security services. There are numbers of facts worth to be read about Linux Operating System that you can have in sets below.

Ten Lines on Linux Operating System in English

In the first set of 10 lines on Linux Operating System, we are going to discuss some important information like its history, background, some facts and statistics about it.

We have prepared the set by gathering information from various sources and after verifying them.

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10 Lines on Linux Operating System – Set 1

1) Linux is a ‘Linux Kernel’ based operating system behaving similar to UNIX system.

2) It was developed by Linus Torvalds and released on 17th September 1991.

3) Linux is a family of operating systems for many different devices.

4) Some Linux Operating systems are Ubuntu, Debian, Wayland, GNOME and Android etc.

5) The logo of the Linux consists of a penguin ‘Tux’, the goodwill of the brand.

6) Linux OS comprises Boot loader, Kernel, Graphic Server, Desktop Environment, Applications etc.

7) Unlike other OS, Linux is completely free and comes with Open Source Licence.

8) The languages used in writing the Linux OS are Assembler and C.

9) Linux has gained popularity in Mainframe Computers and proved to be dominant in Super Computer’s market around the world.

10) Linux is a most preferred platform because of its high level of security.

Another set of 10 lines on Linux Operating System is created by us for you. In the second set, we have discussed all those information that are good to be read and may be helpful for you in gaining some advance information on the topic. The set is created by us in a very easy language and with the use of very basic words so that you must not feel discomfort while reading the set. It would be fun to read the set so let’s experience it.

10 Lines on Linux Operating System – Set 2

1) Linux Operating System is mainly a Unix-like operating system.

2) Linux OS has inbuilt security feature so user doesn’t need to install any antivirus.

3) 85% Smart phones worldwide run on Android, a Linux powered smart phone’s OS.

4) Google’s ‘Chrome OS’ is a Linux based Operating System launched in 2009.

5) The popularity of ‘Android’ powered by Linux shows the dominance of Linux in Smart phone’s market.

6) Major space agencies like NASA and ESA use Linux for reliability and security.

7) World’s top 500 fastest and most powerful Super Computers run on Linux.

8) The top 7 contributors for Linux Kernel development are Google, Facebook, Intel, Huawei, Red Hat, Samsung and Canonical.

9) Among the Linux based desktop operating systems, Ubuntu is the most popular one.

10) Linux is running about 97% of world’s top one million servers.

So we have read a sufficient amount of information about Linux Operating System and we hope that the sets above would have succeeded in developing a realistic opinion in you about Linux Operating System. Linux has contributed from every aspect in modern technologies and you must have some products of Linux around you out of which an ‘Android’ Smart Phone is obvious.