10 Lines on Why Plastic Bags should be Banned

Plastic bags are lethal to our environment and pollute it to much greater extent than we could imagine. With their ability to be de-fragmented into small pieces, plastic bags easily sweep into our waterways and soil, polluting them and rendering them useless. Below are the 10 points which justifies the ban of plastic bags. You can go through the below lines to spread awareness and can also incorporate some of them into your essays or speeches to make them more appealing.

Ten Lines on Why Plastic Bags should be Banned

Set 1

1) Plastic bags are indiscriminately used resulting in littering.

2) Deplete our Natural resources such as water, trees and farm produce.

3) Poses a danger to the marine life resulting in a decrease of sea animals.

4) 1 Trillion Plastic bags are consumed worldwide which eventually find their way to landfills polluting the environment.

5) Burning of plastic bags releases toxic gases into the atmosphere.

6) Poses a threat to the wild life as plastic bags is accidentally ingested by animals.

7) Dumping of plastic bags pose a threat to the environment.

8) Production of Plastic bags release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

9) It is a threat to natural oil resource as millions of liters of oil are used in manufacturing.

10) Pose a threat of suffocation for the adolescent children.

Set 2

1) Plastic bags are creating havoc day by day on earth.

2) Plastic bags are non biodegradable so they remain in the environment for a longer time polluting our environment.

3) Plastic bags are eaten by the animals and sea creatures which results in their death and many species get intoxicated and more susceptible to extinction.

4) These bags if not disposed properly jam the sewage Lines.

5) Some people burn these plastic bags but the resulted gas and smoke from these bags are much more toxic than the bag itself.

6) The energy used for production of plastic and plastic as output are adversely affecting our environment so from both the sides our environment is getting polluted.

7) Most types of plastic are not food grade and keeping food items in these plastic bags intoxicate the food and results in fatal diseases.

8) Many research claims that the plastic contains harmful chemical which can affect our normal functioning of hormones and can also lead to fatal disease like cancer.

9) These plastic bags sweep into the soil making it infertile so it poses threat for the farmers too.

10) If the plastic bags are not banned now then it will be too late for us and the situation will soon be out of control.

Set 3

1) Polythene deposited on the earth surface is depleting the ability of the ground to absorb water.

2) Polythene made for convenience has become the cause of greatest inconvenience today.

3) Plastic is slowly depleting the fertility of the earth.

4) Burning plastic will also cause damage; its poisonous smoke is dangerous to health.

5) Animals swallow plastic while searching for food in the garbage heaps that is harmful for their health and they may die.

6) The drainage system is often filled with polythene and due to this, drains and streams are blocked.

7) Doctors have advised not to consume hot beverages in plastic glasses and polythene.

8) The production of plastic bags releases toxic chemicals that can cause serious illness in those involved in their production.

9) Plastic also affects the marine biodiversity when reaches to seas and oceans.

10) Plastic lives in soil and water for hundreds of years and release toxic chemicals that harm our beautiful planet.

Set 4

1) Plastic bags are non-biodegradable thus the biggest challenge is their disposal.

2) They break up into small particles and enter the soil and water bodies that affect the life of all living beings.

3) They are destroying nature and environment due to their harmful effects.

4) These plastic bags are light in weight and are easily transported by air making the places dirty.

5) Litter caused by plastic on land causes land pollution.

6) Researchers claim that plastic bags are a major cause of water pollution.

7) The increasing use of plastics is increasing the amount of plastic waste that is difficult to dispose of.

8) It lives in the environment for hundreds of years and aids to environmental pollution.

9) It chokes the flow of water in drains and the stagnant water is the birth place of many disease carrying vectors.

10) The food material kept in plastic packets destroys the quality of food, especially the hot materials.

Set 5

1) Plastic bags are one of the major causes of environment pollution.

2) The production of plastic bags needs a huge amount non-conventional energy.

3) The plastic bags are nearly non-biodegradable and remain on earth for more than 1000 years.

4) Many animals and wildlife deaths occur due to the consumption of plastic bags by mistake.

5) The extensive use of plastic bags does some irrevocable damage to the human health also.

6) Recycling of these plastic bags is a very complicated, lengthy and costly process.

7) The disposal of plastic bags deliberately causes the damage of nature from every aspect.

8) The plastic bags are the only wastes that can be easily found everywhere.

9) The plastic bags strewn over the land decline the fertility of the soil and thus productivity as well.

10) We can use paper or cloth bag instead a plastic bag to reduce the harm to the Mother Nature.

Set 6

1) Plastic bag comes with the most harmful results for the nature and for the humans.

2) Plastic bags are the most frequently used pollutant in the whole world.

3) The plastic bags are hard to be segregated from the wastes to be recycled.

4) The edibles packed in the plastic bags are not healthy and cause some serious deadly diseases.

5) As a pollutant, plastic bags contribute a lot in changing the climate of the region.

6) Plastic is the not only polluting land only but also it is a main source of pollution in oceans.

7) Plastic can’t be recycled and burning it causes more air pollution.

8) The ban on the use of plastic bags will slightly reduce the prize of the goods in store.

9) The excess of plastic bags and bottles in drainage system blocks the flow of water so it must be banned for the maintenance of the system.

10) We already have the better replacement of plastic bags with no environment pollution like paper bag, cotton bag etc.

It is now time to take stern action against the use of plastic bags. There is a need of total ban on the use and production of plastic bags and an effective waste disposal policy should be enforced to get rid of the remaining plastic.