10 Lines on Role of Class Teacher

We all have got in contact with many teachers in our life. In our schools, there always has been a class teacher in our class. It is time for us to read about his/her roles through the sets of 10 lines on Class Teacher below. These sets will entertain you and will also make you learn many new things about a class teacher.

Ten Lines on Role of Class Teacher

Set 1

1) Every class in the schools has its own class teacher.

2) A Class teacher has the overall responsibility of that particular class.

3) Class teacher is like parents of students in school.

4) He/she provides proper education to all students of the class.

5) He/she makes sure that the classroom environment is good.

6) He/she takes good care of every student in the classroom.

7) He/she tries to make the classroom an interactive one.

8) He/she tries to understand the problems faced by each and every student.

9) He/she never does partiality inside the classroom.

10) He/she inculcates good values in the students.

Set 2

1) The classroom is the place for teaching and learning.

2) A class teacher has a vital role inside the classroom.

3) The class teacher has the duty to encourage all the students in the classroom.

4) He/she makes studies interesting by making it innovative.

5) He/she inculcates curiosity of learning in the students.

6) He/she helps students to recognize the goal of their life.

7) He/she also provides assistance to every student in their work.

8) He/she knows about the potential of each student in the class.

9) This helps them to guide every student according to their capability.

10) He/she motivates students to take part in co-curricular activities.

10 Lines on Role of Class Teacher

Set 3

1) A class teacher has the responsibility of the entire students in a class.

2) He/she conducts various curriculum activities in his/her class.

3) Irrespective of the strength of the class, he/she focuses on each student.

4) He/she works on the all-round development of his/her students.

5) He/she ensures the completion of every subject before the final examination.

6) Apart from the regular course, he/she works on the mental growth of the students.

7) A class teacher treats his/her every student in the same way.

8) An ideal class teacher does not have any favourite student.

9) He/she uses different techniques to make learning fun and easier.

10) He/she reaches every student during his class or lecture.

Set 4

1) It is the class teacher who is responsible for misbehaving by any of his students.

2) He/she creates the daily reports of his students.

3) The class teacher observes the weak points of every student and works on improving it.

4) If needed, a class teacher contacts the parents of the students regarding education.

5) Contacting with the parents is very important that the class teacher does regularly.

6) Apart from the study, the class teacher also helps students in their plans.

7) A class teacher accepts all the rules of the School and also makes students follow the same.

8) He/she should motivate his/her students on their success.

9) A class teacher also helps and motivates the weak students in their study.

10) A class teacher is like the second parent for students.

Many of us might be working as a teacher or going to work as a teacher in the future. The above information will help them in identifying their roles and becoming a good teacher. Whether as a class teacher or any other professional, we should always guide our younger.