10 Lines on WhatsApp

We are living in the 21st century which will not be wrong to call a digital period. This is a time when almost every person has a smartphone in his hand through which he can handle multiple tasks at the same time. Chatting with people has become a part of our daily routine which is done wither with people whom we know or sometimes with people whom we don’t know. No one would like this regular activity to be stopped by any mean.

Ten Lines on WhatsApp

Set 1

1) WhatsApp is a messenger providing users free messaging service over the internet.

2) Whatsapp was founded by two American computer programmers Brian Acton and Jan Koum on 24th February 2009.

3) The Whatsapp was launched with the name ‘Whatsapp 2.0’ and was loved much by the people.

4) Whatsapp was a paid service initially to recover the cost of sending verification texts.

5) The social networking site ‘Facebook’ acquired Whatsapp on 19th February 2014 for the US $19 billion.

6) Whatsapp launched another service ‘Whatsapp Business’ in January of 2018.

7) Whatsapp Business was made to help businessmen and employees to provide assistance through Whatsapp.

8) Whatsapp was much criticized initially for its lack of security and privacy for users.

9) Now WhatsApp has improved its security by providing user ‘End to End Encryption’.

10) End to End Encryption is a reassurance for the user that his/her content can be seen by the recipient only.

The second set of 10 lines on WhatsApp is provided below. The set is created with some such information which can prove to be useful for the reader to work on any project on the topic. The reader can also use a few or all of these points in the projects to make them more extensive. Let’s read the set now instead of wasting time.

Set 2

1) Besides messaging, WhatsApp provides facilities to share photos, videos, documents, etc. with the people in our contact.

2) Whatsapp can also be used for video calling and voice messaging as well.

3) Both of the founders of Whatsapp were former employees of ‘Yahoo!’.

4) Purchasing Whatsapp was the largest acquisition of Facebook to date.

5) WhatsApp became globally the most popular messenger in August 2014.

6) Whatsapp can be accessed from computer, Android and ios platforms easily.

7) Whatsapp has its headquarter at Mountain View, California in the United States.

8) Whatsapp was a first available in-app store of ios only.

9) Whatsapp initially charged $1 for an annual subscription by the user which was ended on 18th January 2016.

10) WhatsApp can be used for communication only when both people have Whatsapp installed in their devices.

WhatsApp does not need any introduction because almost every individual is using it now a day. The use of Whatsapp has made our life very easier for which we must thank the team of founders and developers. The limited and right use of Whatsapp can make our time much productive but its addiction is definitely harmful to us from every perspective. To understand the role of Whatsapp and use it only when you need it.

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