10 Lines on LinkedIn

While there are many social networking sites letting you to stay connected with the whole world and spend your time having fun, LinkedIn is a powerful platform concerned about the future and desire of job seeker and job provider. The website is working well in reducing the problem of unemployment spread in the world. The website looks for what the user wants and suggests them to connect with people from that field to get hired. The foundation of LinkedIn, its history, background and many other things are worth to be discussed for which we have prepared few sets below.

Ten Lines on LinkedIn in English

Here we are providing the first set of 10 lines on LinkedIn below.

The set contains some important information about topics like its history, founder, starting days and other.

The set is very important and can be useful for the readers of any age group.

We have prepared the set in very easy language in order to make the reader easily read and understand each point without any hurdle or confusion.

10 Lines on LinkedIn – Set 1

1) LinkedIn is a social networking platform especially built for business communities.

2) The website works at making job seeker and job provider meet on one platform.

3) It was founded by Reid Hoffman and was launched on 5th May 2003.

4) LinkedIn has 33 global offices with head quarter at Sunnyvale, California in U.S.

5) Microsoft purchased LinkedIn on 13th June 2016 with US $26.2 billion.

6) Linked provides user to create a profile with attractive CV to apply for a desired job.

7) It is also a big platform for companies and industries looking for some man power.

8) LinkedIn connects job seeker and job provider according to their need and eligibility.

9) LinkedIn released its mobile version in many languages in February 2008.

10) LinkedIn also has paid Premium plans with more options for job seeker and employer.

Reading about LinkedIn is useful for reader that is why we have created the 2nd set of 10 lines on LinkedIn and provided it below. The topic is quite informative and having some basic knowledge about it can help you in choosing the best career for you and can also help you with where to look for the best career options. The usefulness of the set can be evaluated only after you read the whole set so let’s begin it right now.

10 Lines on LinkedIn – Set 2

1) LinkedIn is a job searching and providing platform founded on 28th December 2002.

2) Purchasing LinkedIn was the highest acquisition by Microsoft till the date.

3) LinkedIn may be helpful if one is looking for his/her desired job in desired location.

4) Job providers can choose the best person among all applicants for the job they have posted.

5) LinkedIn asks user for uploading a Resume or creating one with website’s format as it is important to apply for a job.

6) LinkedIn provides you the facility to stay connected with our friends and check what they are doing now a day.

7) LinkedIn provides a solid advertisement platform to Microsoft which it lacked before.

8) With more than 20 million listed companies, LinkedIn assures the users with their dream job.

9) Availability of LinkedIn in 24 global languages helps it in reaching to the every corner of the world.

10) LinkedIn is a platform to look for best options for future of one’s career and business.

As a social platform LinkedIn is like an advantage for both job finders and providers therefore I would like to say in the end that you must not forget to take benefit of such a good platform. The application of LinkedIn is available for free on iOS and Android platforms with many other features and benefits for the user. Among many other social networking websites, LinkedIn is the best one to cultivate one’s business and career.