10 Lines on WeChat

We are living in 21st century where people love to talk with people from all around the world and share their experiences. It broadens the knowledge of people and helps them to interact with people from different regions, feel their customs and traditions and share their own. Doing it over social networking and messaging platforms is much faster, convenient and preferred activity. The craze for actively using social networking and messaging platforms had introduced a number of such websites and application in the world. All of them come with their own different services and advantages along with some disadvantages too like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and WeChat etc.

WeChat is a messaging platform which comes with plenty other services which make it far better than the most of the platforms in the list. “What are such services of WeChat?” let’s talk about it in few sets on WeChat below.

Ten Lines on WeChat in English

The first set of 10 lines on WeChat is provided below by us.

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10 Lines on WeChat – Set 1

1) WeChat is a platform to communicate over mobile text messages or voice messages.

2) WeChat was released by ‘Tancent’, a Chinese Multinational Company, on 21st January 2011.

3) WeChat was initially named as ‘Weixin’ and was created by Zhang Xiaolong.

4) Tancent claims WeChat to be a combination of services of famous platforms Facebook and Whatsapp.

5) The most widely used and praised service of WeChat is ‘WeChat Payment’ launched in 2013.

6) Varieties of features like messaging, video calls, moments, online payment etc. has increased its popularity.

7) Banning of Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube in China has increased the use of WeChat.

8) Connecting bank accounts with WeChat provides ease in purchasing and paying bills.

9) The business professional can have an official account on the application and handles their activities from there.

10) WeChat is the most popular and preferred messaging application in China.

Another set of 10 lines on WeChat is created by us for the reader. The set is created with some additional information that can help reader to gain some more information on the topic. The use of easy language in creating the set will make it useful for the reader of lower classes as well as upper classes too and the reader can easily read and understand all the points. So let’s read the second set for more knowledge.

10 Lines on WeChat – Set 2

1) WeChat is available on almost all platforms like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone platforms etc.

2) WeChat is the most used messaging application in China.

3) Having more than 600 million users, WeChat is constantly working to improve its services.

4) WeChat provides gaming facility for user to have an instant gaming experience.

5) We can post and share photos and videos on WeChat like Facebook and Twitter etc.

6) WeChat partnered with 60 business companies of Italy to sell their product and services.

7) WeChat is now available for android and iphone platform only as other platforms are not supporting it any longer.

8) WeChat can be used in computer also with the help of ‘WeChat Web’.

9) Many countries like India, US, Taiwan etc. worry about the use of WeChat as it access much information about the user.

10) WeChat was blocked in Iran from September 2013 to January 2018 due to spread of pornographic contents.

WeChat is willingly used by the people all around world and it is obvious because a large amount of services it provides has changed the concept of messaging platform in the digital world. Although its popularity in china is due to its variety of services for the people in China yet many businessmen and industrialists say that its huge popularity and excess use in China by the people there is more affected by the ban of many famous social networking and messaging platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp in the country. Whatever it is but it’s clear that WeChat has successfully brought the change in the world of messengers.

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