10 Lines on Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day, as the name suggests, is a day dedicated to children from all over the world. The day has special importance in children’s lives since it is the day when we should concentrate on only the rearing of children, their education, health and physical and mental development forgetting all other problems. Universal Children’s Day is observed on 20th November every year and such other information like its history, causes and the way of celebration are discussed in the below sets.

Ten Lines on Universal Children’s Day

Set 1

1) Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November each year in the whole world.

2) The Universal Children’s day was established in 1954 and is being celebrated since 1956.

3) 20th November 1959 is the date when the UN General Assembly adopted the ‘Declaration of the Rights of a Child’.

4) Literally this day is an occasion of the celebration of the rights of the Children.

5) On this day in 1989, ‘The Convention of the Rights of a Child’ was adopted by the UN General Assembly.

6) Universal Children’s Day is a tool to spread fraternity and understanding among children worldwide.

7) UNICEF, founded by UN General Assembly, is assigned the promoter and coordinator of the day.

8) The day is celebrated with various activities for children and also by the children.

9) The main objective of the day to be celebrated is to tell the children about their rights.

10) Teachers and Guardians play a key role in spreading awareness among the children.

Another set of 10 lines on Universal Children’s Day is prepared by us that is the second set on the topic. The set is prepared with some other facts on Universal Children’s Day that were not discussed in the first set. The set is equally important and will help the readers in getting deeper into the topic. We have created the set in very easy language so that the reader can take the benefit of the set without any hurdle. Let’s now read the set instead of wasting much time.

10 Lines on Universal Children’s Day – Set 2

  1. Universal Children’s Day is celebrated to spread togetherness and awareness among the children in the world.

2) Eventually, the day can be called the day for declaration and convention of Children’s rights.

3) Universal Children’s Day is the day to spread awareness about the best upbringing of children around the globe.

4) The UN General Assembly directed all the global countries to observe the day for the welfare of the children.

5) Universal Children’s Day is not a holiday so that children can be given important information in Schools.

6) Also, UNICEF conducts some programmes for awareness among the children.

7) The objective of the day is to provide children a safe and learning environment.

8) Universal Children’s Day is a global event to ensure the rights of children of every country.

9) Skill development of children, that will make them productive, needs to be worked on the day.

10) The best celebration of Universal Children’s Day is to empower children and make them independent.

Therefore, it is clear from the above facts that this day is of utmost importance for children, but the biggest contribution of parents and teachers is necessary to make this day a welfare day for children. We have to make sure that the children of our society must go on the right path so that the country and the world can get a better future and the world continues on the path of progress and humanity. So we should understand the importance of Universal Children’s Day and give our absolute support to the development of the children.

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