10 Lines on YouTube

Who doesn’t like watching interesting videos in their free time? Almost every individual now a day owns a smart phone and access Internet and all of them prefer to use YouTube for watching random videos. YouTube has a huge collection of videos and one can get videos here on almost all the topics. No one deny the fact that YouTube has made our life simpler than before. Despite watching videos for various purposes, YouTube gives us the opportunity to create our own video on any topic and share it with people but it is not all about YouTube but there are many other things which everyone should know. The whole information about YouTube is provided in the sets below.

Ten Lines on YouTube in English

The first set of 10 lines on YouTube is provided below for the readers.

The set contains some important information on YouTube like its history, beginning, founders, working process and some other information.

Despite the difference of age and education, the set is very useful for all kinds of people.

No one would be unacquainted with the topic so let’s get to the first set now.

10 Lines on YouTube – Set 1

1) Youtube is a popular video sharing website currently parented by the Google LLC.

2) It is an American Video sharing platform created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim on 14th February 2005.

3) Youtube has it’s headquarter located at San Bruno, California in United States.

4) It was started with $8 million investment from ‘Artis Capital Management’ and $11.5 million investment by ‘Sequoia Capital’.

5) Initially Youtube was an independent company and was bought by Google in November 2006 for US $1.65 billion.

6) It contains the videos on various topics like shows, music, documentaries, video blogging, entertainment and many others.

7)  Under partner program in Youtube, it shares the 55% of revenue from advertisements with the owner of the channel it is shared on.

8) Youtube has been criticized many times for accepting the videos violating the community policy.

9) Youtube launched ‘Youtube Kids’ in February 2015 to keep sexual and violent content away from Children.

10) Youtube provides user with rating, commenting and flagging inappropriate any video to stop violation of its policies.

Some other facts which were equally important but not discussed in the first set made us to prepare the second set of 10 lines on the Youtube for the reader. The facts provided below are relevant to the topic and will amaze you while reading the set. Learning about a platform that we are using for a long time but were unaware of its history is not less than fun so let’s not waste much time and proceed to the set now.

10 Lines on YouTube – Set 2

1) The American website YouTube provides the facility to watch and share videos.

2) The first video on YouTube was posted by Jawed Karim titled ‘Me at the zoo’ on 23rd April 2005.

3) Youtube play button is a reward provided by the Youtube to the most liked and followed Youtube channels.

4) The three founders of Youtube were ex-employees of ‘Paypal’ an American company.

5) At the beginning, Youtube was launched as a video dating site named ‘Tune in Hook Up’.

6) Youtube launched ‘Youtube Gaming’ in August 2015 to share user’s gaming experience.

7) ‘Youtube Premium’ is another Youtube product that allows user to access ad free content.

8) Youtube is completely banned in many countries like China, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam etc.

9) Youtube plays a prank with its users on every April fool’s Day i.e. on 1st April of every year.

10) The availability of Youtube in 89 countries and 76 different languages defines its popularity itself.

Youtube is not just a platform to watch videos in free times but it also provides you the chance to show your skill and creativity to the whole word. Also one can share his/her ideas through videos on Youtube and ask viewers for suggestions. Another benefit of Youtube for students and children is that they can learn different topics, subjects and skills at their home and without any cost. Even Youtube also pays one for creating productive videos which are liked by many people. So we can say that Youtube is a good source for learning and also earning.