10 Lines on Ullambana Festival

Ullambana is a major and important festival of Buddhists of India as well as in different parts of the world. It celebrated to remember one’s deceased ancestors by performing some rites and rituals and by offering food to their ancestors. All these efforts are made to liberate the souls of the ancestors from the present lives as well as from the past seven lives. It resembles very much to the ‘Shraddh’ ceremony which is observed during the Pitri Paksha of the Hindu religion. The festival is known as the ‘Ghost Festival’ and it is believed that dead souls visit their homes and their loved ones on the occasion.

Ten Lines on Ullambana Festival

Set 1

1) Ullambana is a popular festival celebrated by the Buddhists of south-east Asia.

2) It is celebrated for a total of fifteen days which starts in the seventh month.

3) Ullambana is celebrated to please one’s deceased ancestors by making offerings.

4) It is also known as the ‘Ghost Festival’ or the ‘Hungary Ghost Festival’.

5) Ullambana is similar to ‘Shraddh’ in Hinduism, observed during ‘Pitri Paksha’.

6) In Ullambana, the ritual of making offerings to spirits of one’s ancestors is performed.

7) It is one of the oldest rituals of Buddhism that started in the 6th or 7th century AD.

8) Ullambana festival is celebrated with the highest degree of devotion towards parents.

9) A grand fest is organized on the fourteenth day for the people’s deceased ancestors.

10) Ullambana is celebrated to give respect and honour to those who are deceased.

Set 2

1) Ullambana is a great festival celebrated by the Buddhist community of India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea etc.

2) It is also known as ‘Zhongyuan Jie’, ‘Gui Jie’, ‘Yulan festival’, Ghost or Hungry Ghost festival.

3) The name ‘Ullambana’ is taken from the Sanskrit word where ‘Ullam’ means ‘to hang upside down’ and ‘Bana’ means ‘to rescue’.

4) Ullambana is celebrated on the 15th day of the seventh month or the monkey month according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar.

5) The legend says, “Maudgalyayana” a disciple of Gautam Buddha started this tradition by offering foods to her deceased mother’s spirit with all rites and rituals.

6) According to Buddhist mythology, “Preta” is a ghost world where the hungry ghosts live in an environment of intense hunger, thirst, and troubles.

7) Ullambana festival is celebrated with a level of devotion and dedication where the first day of the festival or the fifteenth day of the month is called ‘Ghost Day’.

8) The Buddhists people believe that the gates of the hell are opened in this month for their ancestors to accept the offerings made by their successors.

9) A grand feast is organized on the fourteenth day of the festival, mainly for the spirits of the ancestors and live performances and opera is also conducted.

10) The rites and rituals of Ullambana are done to liberate the souls of one’s ancestors not only from the present life but also from the past seven lives.

Set 3

1) Ullambana festival is an important occasion in Buddhism.

2) It falls in the month of August according to the Gregorian calendar.

3) This festival is celebrated for about 15 days.

4) The concept of the Ullambana festival has arisen from ancient India.

5) The story of the festival traces its root from the Ullambana Sutra of Mahayana scripture.

6) Maudgalyayana after attaining knowledge had a desire to know about their late ancestors.

7) He utilized his new power of knowledge to search for them.

8) He found out that his lost mother was reborn in the kingdom of hungry ghosts.

9) He asked Lord Buddha to suggest him ways to serve her mother.

10) Lord Buddha explained to him the ways of helping his ancestors.

Set 4

1) Ullambana festival is also referred to as the ghost festival.

2) The seventh month in the lunar calendar is called ghost month.

3) The opening of hell gates this month allows ghosts to roam freely.

4) The ghosts roam on the earth in search of food and entertainment.

5) It is celebrated by the people of the Buddhist community throughout the globe.

6) It is commemorated by Buddhists to pay tribute to their dead ancestors.

7) The 15th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is considered as offering day.

8) People offer food to the hungry ghosts on this day of ghost month.

9) They also offer food to unknown ghosts to avoid any kind of tragedy.

10) The Buddhist community worship for the reduction of the sufferings of their lost ones.

The festival of Ullambana is considered as very important for every Buddhist follower where everybody tries to perform the ritual for their deceased parents in order to pacify their souls. On the particular seventh month, it’s believed that the doors of the hell are opened for their ancestors so that they can ascend from hell to the earth to receive food and other religious offerings. Ullambana is observed to mark respect and affection towards our parents.

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