10 Lines on Paryushan Festival

Paryushan is a most significant festival celebrated by the people of Jain community of India as well as abroad. It is celebrated as a festival of long duration and both the sects of Jainism i.e. Digambara and Svetambara observe the festival with full emotion, zeal and zest.

The days of Paryushan are very important for the Jain people as they get chance to increase their spirituality by observing fast, doing prayers or mediation to attain the greatest level of spirituality.

Fasting during Prayushan is believed to be a journey which helps an individual to connect him to his soul and its spiritual being.

The main objective of celebrating Paryushan Parva is to attain spiritual awakening through self-discipline and abandonment of materialistic dreams and desires.

Ten Lines on Paryushan Festival in English

We have provided ten lines on Paryushan in English for class 3, class 4, class 5 and class 6. After reading these lines you will know as what is Paryushan, who celebrates Paryushan, what is the duration of Paryushan for Digambar and Svetambara, when Paryushan Parva is celebrated, what is the general meaning of Paryushan Parva, what are done in Paryushan etc.

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10 Lines on Paryushan Festival– Set 1

1) Paryushan is a most significant event celebrated by people of Jain community.

2) It is observed by both branches of Jainism i.e. Digambara and Svetambara.

3) Paryushan is generally referred as a great festival or ‘Maha Parva Paryushan’.

4) Digambar Jains celebrate Paryushan for 10 days whereas Svetambara Jains for 8 days.

5) Paryushan is celebrated in the ‘shukla paksha’ of the ‘Bhadrapada’ month.

6) Texts on Jainism emphasise that Paryushan must be started after the start of rainy season.

7) The general meaning of Paryushan is to control one’s anger, stress, greed and ego etc.

8) Paryushan festival is carried out in the gathering and under guidance of Jain gurus.

9) Some devotees carry out procession on the streets of their scriptures and saints.

10) Paryushan gives its devotees time to think about themselves and then work on it.

We have provided another set of ten points on Paryushan for class 9, class 10, class 11 and class 12. After going through these points, you will find that when Paryushan Parva is celebrated, what is the meaning of the word Paryushan, what is the another meaning of Paryushan, what is the long and short duration of Paryushan, what is the first and last day called as in Paryushan etc.

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10 Lines on Paryushan Festival – Set 2

1) Paryushan is a most important festival of the people of Jain community celebrated with much zeal and zest by both the branches of Jainism.

2) It is celebrated in the month of August or September as per Gregorian calendar and in the month of Bhadrapada as per Hindu calendar.

3) ‘Pari’ means ‘all’ and ‘Ushan’ means ‘to burn’ meaning burning all past ‘karmas’.

4) Another meaning of Paryushan is taken out from the word ‘Upshamana’ which means to suppress an individual’s anger, greed, hatred, stress and tension etc.

5) The main objective of celebrating Paryushan is spiritual awakening, through self-control and self-discipline and renouncing the materialistic needs.

6) For a short time duration, Paryushan Parva must be initiated by Panchami (fifth day) of the ‘shukla paksha’ phase of the ‘Bhadrapada’.

7) The last day of Paryushan Parva is known as ‘Samvatsari’ or Samvatsari Parikramana and there can be minor changes in celebration between two sects.

8) Generally, Paryushan festival is marked by observing fast and doing prayers and the religious activities are carried out mostly in a group in temples.

9) Some devotees carry out processions to mark the respect for their religious texts and saints.

10) Fasting is another important ritual practiced by both sects of Jain religion at the time of Paryushan and duration of fasting can range from one day to one month.

Paryushan gives ample time for introspection and rethinking to an individual and to ponder upon the issues of the life as well as in the capacity of the individual. Paryushan is also beneficial because it gives an opportunity to the people to get connected with the other fellows and counterparts of Jainism. In Paryushan, fasting is very much important and both the sects of Jainism observe fast ranging from one day to 30 days.