10 Lines on Mahamastak Abhishek Festival

Mahamastak Abhishek is one of the major religious festivals for the Jain community where the anointing ceremony of Lord Bahubali is celebrated. The anointment ceremony is done by pouring the liquids on the 57 feet tall statue of Lord Bahubali. One of the most famous Mahamastak Abhishek ceremonies is held at Sharavanabelagola in Karnataka, India which gathers a global attraction.

Ten Lines on Mahamastak Abhishek Festival

Set 1

1) Mahamastak Abhishek is a popular festival of the Jain community living in India.

2) It is the religious anointment of the Jain idols and images.

3) Most important Abhishek is done to the statue of Lord Bahubali in Karnataka.

4) Lord Bahubali is known as a much prominent and respected figure in Jainism.

5) He was the son of the first Tirthankara in Jainism known as ‘Rishabhanatha’.

6) The festival of Mahamastak Abhishek is held every twelve years.

7) The process of Mahamastak Abhishek is held in Karnataka for 17.4-metre tall idol of Bahubali.

8) Millions of followers and gurus give their presence to see Mahamastak Abhishek.

9) Thousands of devotees perform the anointment by vermilion, turmeric, water, etc.

10) The anointment preparation of Mahamastak Abhishek is done well in advance.

Set 2

1) Mahamastak Abhishek or the anointment or pouring of holy liquids on Jain images is held on a massive scale in different parts of India.

2) Mahamastak Abhishek is the most famous anointment of the ‘Bahubali Gommateshwara’ statue which is located at ‘Shravanabelagola’ in Karnataka.

3) The Mahamastak Abhishek of Bahubali statue is one of the major festivals of Jainism which is celebrated every 12 years all over India.

4) The statue of Gommateshwara is carved out from a single piece of rock which represents a respected figure of Lord Bahubali in Jainism.

5) Bahubali was the son of Jain religion’s first Tirthankara, Rishabhanatha, who belonged to the ‘Ikshvaku’ dynasty of Ayodhya.

6) Bahubali was an excellent archer and a medical student who got the kingdom of Asmaka after his father renounced his kingdom.

7) The present statue of Gommateshwara was built in 983 AD by ‘Chamunda Raya’ which is 57 feet high and is carved out of single stone.

8) In the beginning, Mahamastak Abhishek was performed every 10 to 15 years but later on it was changed to every 12 years.

9) The statue is anointed for three to four days with the help of water, milk, sandalwood paste, vermillion etc and thousands of devotees take part in it.

10) The statue of Bahubali indicates self-control, enlightenment, submission of one’s ego and wealth.

Set 3

1) Mahamastakabhisheka is the ritual of the anointment of Jain statues.

2) It is also called Grand Consecration or Great Indian Festival.

3) The festival is commemorated after every 12 years.

4) It refers to the anointment of the statue of Bahubali Gommateshwara at Shravanabelagola in Karnataka.

5) This statue was constructed in 983 AD.

6) This ritual has been an important Jain tradition from ancient times.

7) This event is held to pay tribute to a 17.4 m statue of Siddha Bahubali.

8) Mahamastakabhisheka has been celebrated in February 2008.

9) The event was observed for nine days in the year 2008.

10) The next celebration will be held in the year 2030

Set 4

1) Mahamastakabhisheka is an auspicious event in Jainism.

2) This is referred to as the ‘Head anointing ceremony.

3) Saffron, milk, sugarcane, sandal, flowers, etc are used in the anointment process.

4) This is accomplished for the completion of the statue of Gommateshwara.

5) The date of the festival is decided according to the Jain Calendar.

6) Bhagwan Bahubali is stated as the son of first Jain Tirthankara Rishabhanatha.

7) The statue of Bahubali is constructed in the Kayotsarga posture of meditation.

8) The festival is celebrated by washing the statue of Gommateshwara.

9) It is followed by anointment and showering of flowers.

10) The devotees from different parts of the nation come to participate in the event.

Bahubali is a highly respected and important figure in Jainism hence his anointing is considered as very blissful. As the Mahamastak Abhishek is done every 12 years, people across the world come and participate in this auspicious ceremony. The statue of Bahubali signifies self-control, enlightenment, surrendering of one’s ego. Very similar to the statue of Bahubali in Karnataka, there are other places also where Mahamastak Abhishek is done.

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