10 Lines on World Sickle Cell Day

World Sickle Cell Day is observed with an aim to spread awareness on sickle cell disease on a global level. The day is celebrated on 19th June every year to increase the knowledge and understanding on the sickle cell disease, its prevention and medication.

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder under which the red blood cells become rigid and sticky which causes it to stick in the blood vessels.

The day is celebrated by Sickle Cell Disease Association of America on 19th June with various camps, awareness campaigns and screening tests.

People across the world join hands to raise public awareness about the disease and about the methods regarding the disease’s treatment.

Ten Lines on World Sickle Cell Day in English

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10 Lines on World Sickle Cell Day – Set 1

1) World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated on 19th June every year to spread the awareness about the disease.

2) In United Nations General Assembly of 22nd December, 2008, a resolution was adopted which recognises sickle cell disease as a global health problem.

3) It was decided in the resolution that 19th June would be celebrated as World Sickle Cell Day every year to raise awareness on the disease.

4) Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic disorder of the red blood cells which causes the slowing down of blood and oxygen flow in the body.

5) The Sickle Cell Anemia is a disease in which the red blood cells becomes rigid and get stuck in blood vessels affecting its movement.

6) World Sickle Cell Day helps people understand the disease and take right medication for the disease.

7) The day also urges healthcare institutions to develop new medications and facilitate affordable treatment for the disease.

8) Efforts are also made for pre-marital screening awareness so that the transmission of the disease could be reduced.

9) Health organisation conducts various seminars, discussions and talks across the globe so that patient’s quality of life could be improved.

10) World Sickle Cell Day provides a platform for communities, neighborhoods as well as people across the globe to raise a fight against this genetic disorder.

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10 Lines on World Sickle Cell Day – Set 2

1) World Sickle Cell Day observed on 19th June on national and international level making people aware about the disease.

2) Sickle Cell Society urges people and communities to observe the day by organising a charity stall locally to raise awareness on sickle cell day disease.

3) Various fundraising events are also organised on the occasion so that funds could be collected to provide a continuous support to the campaign.

4) Every year the day is celebrated with a theme which talks about a specific issue related to the disease.

5) The theme helps to observe the occasion with a specific goals and spreading awareness among people.

6) A special effort is made in the sub-Saharan African, Asian and American countries where the cases of the disease are more.

7) Sickle Cell Disease International Organisation (SCDIO) provides support to various countries to fight against the sickle diseases.

8) People are also made aware that a person with sickle cell disease can lead a normal life with regular checkups and proper medications.

9) Screening camps are also organised on a global level so that timely detection of the diseases can be done and medication could be started.

10) World Sickle Cell Day also gives an opportunity to the healthcare scientists, doctors etc to undergo research in the field and find a cure to the disease.

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disease and it is not contagious or infectious and World Sickle Cell Day greatly helps to make people understand this fact. It provides a great platform on a global level for the healthcare specialists and researchers to showcase their research in the field of sickle cell disease. The day also raises awareness about the disease, its treatment and how to lead a normal life if a person is suffering from sickle cell disorder.